11 Easy Halloween Drink Ideas You Don’t Need A Cauldron To Make

Halloween might be all about costumes, candy, and trick-or-treating. But if you adore delicious boozy concoctions, figuring out some spooky Halloween drink ideas is a priority. Often, we just end up focusing on the sweet treats and pumpkin pie, but what about the cocktails? Throwing a festive Halloween party wouldn't feel right without them.

It also gives you another chance to highlight your crazy obsession with Halloween. Ingredients like jello, colored liqueur, and syrup will come in handy here — and colored sprinkles and sugar are also useful, so be sure to stock up. You can even create a DIY bar station for the coolest Halloween party on the block.

Whatever you do, think about the cups, too. Craft and party stores are amazing places to shop for glass beakers, skull mugs, and everything in between. Even printed straws and plastic stirrers can totally transform a homemade cocktail recipe. I mean, if you are going to display Halloween party decor, you might as well get the drinks involved.

Do not be afraid to experiment with these awesome cocktail recipes. With the right ingredients, each one can be turned into a non-alcoholic Halloween drink. This is useful if you have guests who do not drink alcohol, are pregnant, or just want a refreshing beverage. You can be sure that they will toast to that.


Poison Apple Cocktail

For fans all of things witchy, A Cup Full Of Sass' poison apple cocktail is a dream come true. It only calls for three ingredients, but the black sprinkles really complete the look. Want even more shimmer? Add a dash of edible silver dust.


Evil Eye Halloween Cocktail

The pudding eye ball in this cocktail by A Beautiful Mess is pretty darn clever. It might seem complicated, but the post has a full breakdown with useful tips. Give it a full read before attempting the real thing. After you master pudding eyeballs, you can add it to all your drinks.


The Grave Digger Cocktail

Hard cider, whiskey, and ginger ale come together in this spooky drink by Boulder Locavore. Hello, wonderful fall flavors that everyone adores. Plus, adding the crushed ice makes it even cooler. (No pun intended.)


Vampire Blood Martini

It isn't Halloween without vampire blood, and luckily, The Kitchn has your back. Blood orange and pomegranate juice give this cocktail a beautiful, deep red hue. It's better than using food coloring, and will probably remind you of an island. A really creepy island.


Ghost Busted Cocktail

For a luscious beverage, make McCormick's ghostly cocktail recipe. This one has heavy cream, my friends. As for the marshmallows "eyes"? Love it. For a fun DIY activity, you can even let guests make their own eyeballs.


Green Pucker Wine

Wine lovers, this one is for you. Totally The Bomb created an apple-flavored drink using Pinot Grigio and sour apple liqueur. It just goes to show that wine definitely works in mixed cocktails. You can even garnish it with a fresh apple slice, giving you the perfect reason to go apple picking.



Clever name aside, this gram-worthy drink by Totally The Bomb actually tastes like summer. You can thank fruit juice, liqueur, and white rum. Also, can we just talk about this color gradient? It's almost too pretty to drink.


Orange Hocus Pocus Fizz

It might be Halloween, but you can't pass up this pineapple, coconut, and rum concoction by McCormick. Add orange syrup if you want even more flavor, and for the sake of all things spooky, don't forget the gummy worms.


Witch's Brew

Lime jello is the perfect ingredient for bright, glowing drinks. In this recipe by Homemade Hooplah, it's mixed with pineapple juice, booze, and fizzy soda. Be sure to serve it in glass beakers (from the craft store, not the lab) for major Halloween cred.


Booger Beer Cocktail

OK, this one is disgustingly brilliant, you guys. You'll never believe what the "boogers" are made of. (Don't worry, it's not actually that gross.) I promise that the ingredients are actually delicious. Check out the full recipe at Totally The Bomb.


Zombie Brain Shot

If shots are more your style, make this creepy cool brain shot by Homemade Hooplah. Who knew Baileys could look that eye-catching? The mix of peach and mint flavors is also really unique, so you can be sure guests will adore this one.


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