Perfect Shows To Watch If You Need A Pick-Me-Up

by Ashley Rey

The current political climate is pretty brutal, which makes the news unbearable to watch at times. Whether you're trying to wrap your head around the reality that Donald Trump is president, or you're exhausted from daily updates about the administration, we could all use a little break. Instead of letting primetime news put you in a heap of heartache, why not indulge in some of the best shows on Netflix right now?

Finding ways to take care of yourself is more important than ever, and Netflix is certainly a go-to for me when mental exhaustion starts to settle in. It totally has its perks — it's cheap and can be accessed from anywhere you have a little internet connection.

Below is a list of epic shows on Netflix that'll help lift any mood — even for just a moment. And they all have multiple seasons, so you can get your marathon on without any interruptions. Escape reality and dive into the carefree world of television comedies — because that's what real adults do, right? In all seriousness, self-care should become part of our routines. And if that means taking a weekend off to do absolutely nothing, except watching hours upon hours of comedy-driven shows, then so be it.


'Gilmore Girls'

Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Seriously, what's a list without arguably one of the greatest shows to ever hit our TV sets? Gilmore Girls is the perfect '00s dramedy to watch if you just want to "feel."

From Lorelai and Rory's quaint Connecticut town, to their envious mother-daughter relationship, GG gives just the right amount of escapism from our depressing reality. The show has seven seasons, and episodes are around 45 minutes long, but you'll be so invested that you won't even realize you've been sitting in front of the TV for days on end.

And after, continue your marathon with a look deeper into Lorelai and Rory's life with the Gilmore Girls' four-part revival.




Another one of my favorite Lauren Graham dramedys, Parenthood is a family-centered show that I love to watch on a not-so great day. You'll laugh and you'll cry, but it's totally worth the emotional rollercoaster. Netflix holds all six seasons.


'The Office'


The G.O.A.T. of all G.O.A.T.s when it comes to workplace-related comedies, The Office pretty much stands firm as my number one go-to when I need a good laugh. Lucky for us, Netflix houses all nine seasons of the NBC comedy. Each episode is about 20 minutes long, so this show is perfect for easy watching.


'Parks & Recreation'


We all could use a little bit of Leslie Knope's optimism in our lives, especially when our current political climate is so depressing. Just like The Office, this show is more of an easy show because its episodes are only around 20 minutes. But, watching Leslie's much-deserving transition from Pawnee's parks department to running a real-life election (no spoilers, here) will keep you glued to your screen for all seven seasons.

#LeslieKnope2020, anyone?




Escape the cruel reality of the day-to-day by jumping into the super imaginative mind of Sacred Heart Hospital's newest resident J.D. Jammed pack with nine seasons of 20-minute episodes, Scrubs is one of my favorite medical comedies to date. Not only do I learn a thing or two about hospital protocol, I also got my musical fix with the crew's sporadic flash mobs.




Ten seasons of 20 minute episodes is not nearly enough, but hey, I'll take what I can get. One of my favorite shows to date, Friends is the mother of all roommate-based comedies.


'New Girl'

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

It's currently in Season 6, but you can catch the first five on Netflix now. New Girl definitely delivers Friends' vibes, and Zooey Deschanel's comedic timing is absolutely perfect.

Yes, yes we do, Jess.


'Bob's Burgers'


It's funny, smart, and timely — and one of the greatest cartoons ever. Netflix has five seasons of the FOX comedy, and episodes are only about 20 minutes long. I seriously can't get enough of the Belcher family and their burger shop drama.


'A Different World'


This Cosby Show spinoff showed us what life was like for the second oldest Huxtable sibling post-high school, and ultimately helped inspire an entire generation of black kids to go college. According to the Netflix app, it's only available until March 15, so that leaves you with just enough time to watch all six seasons of 20-minute episodes.


'The Bernie Mac Show'


When asked to compile lists of favorite shows, The Bernie Mac Show is often forgotten about — and that's a total travesty. These days, I'll take anything from the late comedian over what young folks call "entertaining." Hit every bit of your funny bone with five seasons of 20-minute episodes of this hilarious sitcom, and thank me later.


'30 Rock'


What's better than seeing what happens behind-the-scenes of our favorite sketch comedy shows? A sitcom devoted to just that.

Netflix gives us all seven seasons, and we're forever indebted.