Things To Do In The Morning To Feel More Motivated

There's nothing quite like a blaring alarm to instantly sap you of all motivation. Once you hear it ring, it's like your bed suddenly becomes 100 times comfier, and the day 100 times more overwhelming. That is, unless you have some motivating things to do the moment you wake up. Do a few of these and it doesn't have to be so bad.

In fact, if you can adopt some healthy morning habits (like the kind that will help drag your lifeless body out of bed), you'll notice a huge difference in your motivation to start the day — as well as your productivity hours later.

As psychologist Dr. Nikki Martinez says, "How you start your day has a direct impact on the tone you set for the whole day." In other words, if you wake up late and have to rush, you'll be rushing the whole day. But if you wake up on time and get your sh*t together, you'll feel on top of things all day long.

Let's give this motivation thing a try, shall we? Let's get up early, write to-do lists, and maybe do some meditation — all in the spirit of having a better day. As Martinez tells me, habits like these will improve your energy and your motivation. So read on for a few more tips. I promise they'll make all the difference in the world.

1. Resist The Urge To Hit Snooze

I know, it sucks waking up early. But if you're trying to feel more motivated, hitting snooze is kind of the last thing you should be doing. So make an effort to actually get out of bed — even if it means keeping your alarm on the other side of the room.

2. Turn On A Morning Playlist

Once you're out of bed (good job, btw), go ahead and soundtrack your life. As time management specialist Jamie Novack tells me, a morning anthem can be a great source of motivation. It doesn't have to be anything too peppy or loud — just something that wakes you up and keeps you going.

3. Drink A Big Glass Of Water

Before you drink anything else, sip on a big glass of water. As physical therapist Liam Champion says, "Too many people go straight for the coffee to get that needed caffeine fix, however water will improve your morning motivation much more." That's because it rehydrates your body after eight hours sans liquids, so do your parched self a favor and drink up.

4. Make Your Bed

Make your bed — even if no one is going to see it but you and your cat. As productivity consultant Sharon F. Danzger says, "There is ... evidence that making your bed is a 'keystone' habit that makes you more productive throughout the day." And if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Tidying up that one corner of your life can totally have a ripple effect on the rest of your day.

5. Write In A Journal

Sit down with some coffee (or whichever morning elixir you prefer) and scribble down some things that make you happy. As founder of fitlosophy Angela Mader says, "Research shows that journaling what you’re grateful [for] is linked to higher levels of happiness and health." Plus, it's the perfect time to set intentions for the day, which is always a good thing when you're trying to feel more motivated.

6. Watch A Few Pep Talks

If you need some extra motivation, turn to the interwebs for some pep talks and positive quotes. Check out an inspiring TEDTalk, or copy down a few motivating morning mantras. Then, as licensed clinical psychologist Erica M. Wollerman, Psy.D., says, "Place them in an easy to reach spot so that they are accessible to you in the morning right away."

7. Lay Out Your Cutest Workout Gear

Not saying you have to wear something cute in order to exercise. (I'm a huge fan of old sweatpants and hole-y tees.) But it certainly can't hurt. As fitness experts Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott say, "There's somethin' about feeling great in your clothes that can help motivate you to get [a] workout in." Same goes for laying your clothes out at night. If you want to try a morning exercise routine, you can easily jump into them and get right to it.

8. Eat Food That's Good For Your Brain

Even if you're not the biggest breakfast fan, it's still a good idea to put some nutrients in your bod first thing in the a.m. "Try eating some simple brain food within thirty minutes of waking up to feel more motivated, like a handful of healthy and protein-packed nuts," organizational coach Mauve Richmond tells Bustle. It sounds so simple, but it'll keep you energized all morning.

9. Treat Yourself To A Quick Beauty Routine

I always feel more in the mood to get sh*t done whenever I, say, take the time to brush my hair or put on a pretty lipstick. Even though it's hard to find the time, simple acts of self-care like these can be hugely motivating, celebrity hairstylist Billy Lowe tells me. Even if you just sit down to put on lip balm, "getting ready" truly can change your outlook on the day.

10. Do Something That Makes You Happy

While I'm all about traditional morning routines, like yoga and meditation, you don't have to do a tree pose in order to be a motivated "morning" person. "It would be fantastic if everyone was doing yoga and meditation, but it's fine if you listen to your favorite podcast, or catch up on DVR," Martinez says. If it puts you in a good mood — and gets you out of bed — it totally counts.

11. Whatever You Do, Keep It Simple

If your goal is to get pumped up and motivated for the rest of the day, then don't overdo it in the a.m. "Keep it simple, "says Richmond. "The goal is not to get a jump on the day's tasks, but to get physically and mentally grounded and prepared for the day."

Once you do that, you'll feel motivated AF and ready to take on whatever life throws your way.

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