11 Travel-Friendly Sex Toys To Bring Along On Vacation This Summer

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, thousands and thousands of people hit the road or the skies to cash in their vacation days. With all this traveling, it's probably hard to imagine going anywhere without your favorite sex toy. Especially if you have a long vacation planned. What that means is you either need to learn how to travel with your favorite sex toy or, even better, purchase a new sex toy that will make traveling easy as pie. New technology and innovations make some sex toys of today look like anything but sex toys, so they're really no problem to pack.

Plus, tons of high-quality companies have smaller options. “You won’t want a big mysterious object to show on the security monitor," Stephanie Keating, We-Vibe Brand Manager, tells Bustle. "Instead, stick with a petite but powerful toy, that can easily be tucked away in an inner suitcase pocket."

While there's no shame in masturbating or owning sex toys, having to explain that to a TSA agent that you're carrying a sex toy (or three) can be awkward for everyone involved. But these 11 travel-friendly sex toys can put an end to any awkwardness before it even starts.


Satisfyer Pro Traveler

In the case the name didn't give it away, the Satisfyer Pro Traveler really is ideal for any type of traveling you have this summer. Its case makes it so inconspicuous that even if a TSA official needed to check your bag, for whatever reason, this toy won't raise a single eyebrow. In fact, it won't even be acknowledged at all. So small and so stealth, but still just as powerful on the clitoris as the Satisfyer Pro 2, this is the toy to bring along no matter how far — or near — you go.


Crave Vesper

As the sex toy necklace that started the whole sex toys doubling as jewelry, Crave Vesper still remains one of the coolest vibrators on the market. Worn around your neck, as it is a necklace after all, it doesn't get much more travel-friendly than this.


Iroha Lipsick Vibe Discreet Mini Bullet Vibrator

The best thing about bullet vibes — mini or otherwise — is that they always deliver. And, when it comes to vibrators, Iroha has made a name for itself as being a brand that always delivers too. So to have a bullet vibe that's made by Iroha that also looks like a tube of lipstick, making it perfect for travel, is like having the whole world in the palm of you hand — literally.


Nipple And Clit Clamp Body Chain

If you're into nipple play and/or clitoral stimulation via clamps, then this is definitely a toy you want to bring on your vacation. Although you could risk wearing it under your clothes (if you think you can keep your moans of satisfaction to a minimum), it might be best to toss it in with your other jewelry that you'll be taking on your trip. Mixed amongst bracelets and necklaces, it won't stand out at all, but will deliver in ways your other pieces of jewelry just can't.


Lovehoney Micro Wand Vibrator

Smaller than the original Lovehoney Wand Vibrator, but just as powerful when it comes to hitting all the right spots, this sex toy is small enough to toss in your carry-on luggage or put it your checked bag. While it may not be the most discreet looking sex toy, it's small enough that the likelihood of anyone batting an eye is zero to none.


I Rub My Duckie

Still one of the most innocent-looking vibrators on the market, I Rub My Duckie can not, even if turned on, be thought of as anything but a bath time companion.


JimmyJane Form 2

Although a bit pricer than the other toys on this list, when it comes to JimmyJane, you need to expect to shell out a bit more, but also expect big orgasms. Looking like some sort of charger from the future or maybe even a dog toy, the JimmyJane Form 2 is both small enough and discreet enough to go anywhere you go this summer.



Small and compact — actually resembling a compact — Bean is great for all your traveling needs. Endless orgasms are in the palm of your hand with this toy, and it's waterproof, and nice and quiet. Everything you could possibly want in a vibrator you'll be taking on summer vacation.


Womanizer 2GO

Because you can't really have too many vibrators that look like makeup, Womanizer 2GO is here to help make sure you're never short on such things. Boasting the one-of-a-kind PleasureAir stimulator of the original Womanizer, 2GO is just as satisfying, but far more discreet. While it may not be small enough to pass as lipstick, with its cover on, it looks very reminiscent of a bottle of Chanel perfume. No one would ever guess it's a vibrator.


Magnifique Whip Necklace

If the thought of going anywhere without your whip just seems like an impossible burden you refuse to bear, then this elegant whip necklace by Bijoux Indiscrets is exactly what any kink-loving person needs. Sure, you can go on vacation without a whip, but if you don't have to, then why should you?



Not much bigger than a credit card and practically silent — in case you're sharing a house on the beach with a bunch of friends — SONA can go anywhere you go this summer. Like many of LELO's products, it couldn't look any further from a sex toy even if it tried.

Now, with these 11 travel-friendly sex toys, you can go anywhere and everywhere this summer and never have to leave anything important at home.