11 Ways To Wear Your Hair With A Graduation Cap & Actually Look Cute

Now that the brunt of your academic responsibilities are behind you, it's time to think about graduation, including how to wear your hair with a graduation cap. Because oddly enough, it's not something they teach you in school.

If you're not prepared, the day of your ceremony will come around quick and you'll be stuck with a cap that won't fit over your fancy graduation 'do no matter how hard you try. So you're going to need to mull over hairstyles that complement a graduation cap, in order to actually be able to wear it. You might be lucky; your school or college may give a demo on how to wear your graduation garb, but chances are, the models won't be wearing fashion forward hairstyles. My guess would be, the female model has her hair straightened, parted down the middle, and worn down, for ease. Although this is a classic hairstyle, it's also easy to try something a bit different.

So here are a variety of different ways to fix your hair with a graduation cap, because not everyone wants to wear their hair sleek and straight.

1. The Half-Up Half-Down 'Dos

ShinyLipsTv on YouTube

These romantic hairstyles for prom will work equally well for graduation, as the tresses on the crown of the head (where your cap usually sits) are kept flat. There are two to choose from if you fancy a look with all the feels.

2. The Loose Waves

GlamWithSiSi on YouTube

If you want to wear your hair down but want a bit of volume, this tutorial on how to create soft waves will be your cup of tea. Bonus: It's also a makeup tutorial, so you can complete your entire look at once! All you'll need is a graduation outfit and you'll be good to go.

3. The Natural Hair Styles

miya march on YouTube

Ladies who want to flaunt their natural hair at graduation can learn some tips and tricks from this YouTuber, who's sure to help you get the most out of your grad cap and your beautiful mane.

4. The Cute Fishtail Braids

Kurly Klips Clip-In Extensions on YouTube

If you're looking for a style that's casual, cute, and contemporary you'll find it with these sweet fishtail braids.

5. The Long Hair Styles

Kayley Melissa on YouTube

When you've got plenty of tresses to tame, this YouTuber is here to help you out of a hair follicle pickle. Not only are these styles ideal for formal events, but they also leave enough room for your cap on the top too.

6. The Low Ponytail

TheBrilliantBeauty on YouTube

Natural haired babes who desire a chic and sleek up 'do that'll fit with their graduation cap, can look no further than this glam look. Just make sure to have a rough idea of where you want your cap to sit and place your low ponytail accordingly.

7. The 30 Second Up 'Do

Titan Tyra on YouTube

This nifty gal shows viewers how to create a gorgeous makeup look for graduation, then goes on to demonstrate a tousled hairstyle, in addition to a 30 second up 'do. She'd make the best BFF.

8. The Fancy Up 'Do

JourneyTo WaistLength on YouTube

This swanky hairstyle is suitable for a variety of events and will add a touch of elegance to your graduation ensemble. Plus, it doesn't use any heat!

9. The Pull Through Braid

Cute Girls Hairstyles on YouTube

When you want your hair to look beautiful but also be out of your way for your big day, try a pretty braid like this pull through style.

10. The Natural Wig


Graduates-to-be who want a new look for their ceremony can invest in a wig for a whole new 'do. This YouTuber demonstrates how to style a wig for graduation, resulting in a curly, feminine look.

11. The Belle Inspired Styles

Jackie Wyers on YouTube

When you want to feel like a Disney Princess IRL, why not channel Emma Watson in the role of Belle in the live action Beauty and the Beast movie? In this tutorial you'll find a trio of Belle inspired hairstyles that would look absolutely enchanting worn to graduation, although you may want to ditch the headband from one of the looks while you're wearing your graduation cap.

With a little help from these YouTubers, your graduation cap experience can feel like less of a nightmare and leave you looking like a dream!

Image: Kurly Klips Clip-In Extensions/YouTube