13 Pieces Of Sex-Positive Protest Gear

by Emma McGowan

The Women’s March on January 21, 2017 was an historic moment, with millions of people marching around the world the day after Trump was sworn into office. And from photos on the ground to aerial ones showing the massive crowds, there was one standout piece of protest gear: The handmade bright pink “pussy hat.” The hats were a grassroots, direct response to Trump’s comments last year that he could grab women “by the pussy” because he’s famous.

In the weeks leading up to the Women’s March, women (and presumably men and non-binary folks) across the world furiously knit the pink, cat-eared hats in order to send President Trump the very clear message that he better keep his hands — and laws — to himself. It was an incredibly sex-positive moment, with so many people defending a part of our bodies that is so often treated as taboo or dirty and putting it front and center in the international conversation about our rights.

Since the Women’s March, there have been more protests than I’ve seen in my entire life. An entire generation is awakening to the idea that if you don’t agree with what your elected government is doing, it’s your duty to make your voice heard, loud and clear. And it’s working.

So what do you want your body to say for you when you hit the streets? Carefully chosen protest gear is not new to the Instagram generation — my mom and her peers marched against Vietnam with long hair, handmade clothing, and lots of flowers for a reason. The way we choose to adorn ourselves is a statement about what we stand for, both to each other in the streets and to the greater world when those images hit the news.

The pussy hat was a jumping off point for sex-positive protest gear, easily taken on by a wide range of people because it was cheeky, and, well, pink. If you’re looking to expand your protest gear to show that you’re the kind of person who believes that a person’s sexual choices are there own to make; that as long as sex is consensual and no one is being (un-consensually) hurt; that gender is fluid and so is sexuality, here are 13 pieces of sex-positive protest gear for the next time you hit the streets.


Boob Sweatshirt


If you thought the pussy hat was cheeky, this fun, comfy sweatshirt covered in boob doodles will make your day. Bonus: It's created by a woman-owned design collective, Gravel & Gold, and sold by Unbound, a woman-owned sex toy company. So you get to rock an awesome top and support multiple woman-owned businesses!

Boob Sweatshirt, $120, Unbound


Not Asking For It Pin

For some reason, the message that a woman is never "asking" to be sexually assaulted is one that we need to keep hammering away at. (I know, I know, it's exhausting.) Let the world know that you know that no survivor ever asked for what happened to them with this "Not Asking For It" pin!

Not Asking For It, $2.00, bratlife/Etsy


Self Defense Ring

How can we expect someone who is on record bragging about grabbing a woman's pussy to defend our rights? If you're feeling less safe in the streets, check out this Self Defense Ring from Unbound. Pussy grabs back, indeed.

Self Defense Ring, $9.00, Unbound


Never Again Sweatshirt

The coat hanger is a stark reminder of the lengths that women will go to when abortions are not accessible. Trump has already taken steps to roll back reproductive rights, both in the States and abroad, and Planned Parenthood — the biggest provider of women's health care in the country — is under massive attack from Republicans. This Never Again sweatshirt is a clear message that we will not go back to the time of back alley and coat hanger abortions.

Never Again Sweatshirt, $49.99, VagArchy/Etsy


Boob Ring

This ring with a set of boobs (which the site describes as "slightly different, just like real boobs") is a big more subtle than the boob sweatshirt, but still an excellent and fun statement about your defense and love of this part of the body.

Boob Ring, $55, Unbound


Pussy Grabs Back T-Shirt

President Trump bragged about how he likes to grab women by the pussy. Well, this "Pussy Grabs Back" t-shirt makes it clear that those actions have consequences.

Pussy Grabs Back T-Shirt, $15.00, cabronascollective/Etsy


Nasty Woman T-Shirt

No piece about sex-positive protest gear would be complete without a Nasty Woman item. The quote refers to the third presidential debate, when Trump interrupted Clinton to call her "such a nasty woman." If you're wondering why this is sex positive, remember that "nasty" is a word that has been thrown at women for years with a specific reference to their sexuality. A "nasty woman" is one who refuses to be "nice;" one who knows what she wants and goes for it. Rep that nasty woman style!

Nasty Woman T-Shirt, $19.99, SweatyWisdom/Etsy


Amelia Whistle

The Amelia Whistle is part of the Amelia Earhart Collection in Unbound's new jewelry line. The line takes inspiration from three amazing women — Twiggy, Amelia Earhart, and Cleopatra — and the jewelry all doubles as sex toys or sex-positive items. This elegant pendant conceals a surprisingly loud whistle that you can use if you feel in danger when you're protesting for your right to bodily autonomy. (Or for Black Lives Matter. Or for our immigrant brothers and sisters. Or one of the million other reasons you're going to be protesting this year.)

Amiela Whistle, $38.00, Unbound


Slut Army Tee

"Slut" is a word that's been used against people (and especially women) who own their sexuality for way too long. Get militant with this Slut Army t-shirt. Reclaim the word! Let them know there's no shame in sex!

Also cool: The shirts are totally not gendered when it comes to cut and sizing! That's pretty badass.

Slut Army Tee, $17.46, TheSlutArmy/Etsy


Free The Nipple Tee

Think it's ridiculous that female nipples "have" to be concealed but male nipples don't? Aren't really clear on the difference between male and female nips in the first place? Ready to free the nipple? Do it without getting arrested for it with this Free The Nipple t-shirt.

Free The Nipple T-Shirt, $23.17, halfstitchembroidery/Etsy


Grow A Pair Jacket

I love this Grow A Pair jacket from Valfré so much. If you hate it when people say "get some balls" because it's, a) sexist and, b) doesn't make any sense (balls are ridiculously sensitive and weak, after all), don't miss this amazing jacket. You will for sure be the most badass the next time you head out to shout.

Grow A Pair Jacket, $98, Valfré


I Only F*ck Feminists T-Shirt

Mama always told me to only f*ck feminists. They're the only ones who believe in consent, believe in bodily autonomy and reproductive rights and that, you know, that you're a fully equal human. Let it be known that the only people who deserve to get anywhere near your sexy parts are those who are loudly and proudly feminist with this I Only F*ck Feminists tee.

I Only F*ck Feminists, $31.48, OnlyChildApparel/Etsy


Feminist As F*ck

I love this t-shirt because I feel like there's no other slogan that gets sex positivity quite so precisely. Feminist as f*ck. F*ck yes.

Feminist As F*ck T-Shirt, $28.98, kindco/Etsy

Now go make your voice heard!