I Figured Out Where To Buy All 13 Sex Toys That Appear In ‘Sex & The City’

When the classic HBO series Sex and the City debuted in June 1998, it was instantly groundbreaking. For the first time, women owning their sexuality and having sex on their own terms was front and center of a major television show. While there were many male characters in there, who were equally sexual, it was how the women were portrayed, in regards to sex, that made the show what it was. Sex and the City also, in its own way, normalized things like women using sex toys to get off, as well as sex acts like analingus, anal sex, and threesomes, with ease and humor.

Because Sex and the City will always remain iconic, no matter how much it might seem a bit outdated these days, the same might be said for the sex toys in Sex and the City — and I'm talking about more than just Charlotte's rabbit vibrator. So, in the name of science, I rewatched those six seasons and 94 episodes to see exactly what sex toys were shown in Sex and the City.

Surprisingly, there are a lot fewer sex toy appearances than you'd think. While, when you watch the episodes now, SATC is outdated in many ways, like how it handles sensitive issues like LGBTQ representation or body-positivity, it was still, for some, a sexual awakening. An awakening that was necessary to break down stereotypes, taboos, and sex-related social norms.

Here are the 13 sex toys from Sex and the City and where you can buy them — or at least the modern equivalent to them.


Rabbit Vibrator

Oh, the rabbit vibrator! Who can forget the intervention that Miranda and Carrie had to stage with Charlotte because she couldn't get enough of her rabbit vibrator? Although there have been many, many incarnations of the rabbit vibrator since then, the original, which stimulates the clitoris and G-spot at the same time, remains a classic that never fails to deliver.


Wand Vibrator

A wand vibrator makes a couple of appearances in Sex and the City. The first time we see it is when Samantha goes to Sharper Image because her wand (or "neck massager," according to the employee) has broken and she'd like to replace it. The second time we see it is when Samantha uses it to keep Miranda's son, Brady, from crying when his vibrating chair stops working — proof that vibrators are multi-purpose.


Wand With Internal Attachment

After the women find out that Miranda's mother has died, Samantha's ability to orgasm is gone. So she does what any woman would do in such a terrifying situation: she masturbates all day long with her wand that has an internal attachment for extra oomph, in the hopes of getting those orgasms back. Samantha definitely had a thing for wand vibrators.


Phallic-Shaped Vibrator

Admittedly, there's no way in hell Miranda would have a sparkly vibrator, but the vibrator she did have in her goodie drawer was pink and shaped like a penis — including the veins and glans. So, not being able to find that exact one, this is as close as you're going to get. It's pretty basic as far as vibrators go, but if it induces orgasms, who cares how basic it is.


Sex Swing

Because, apparently, you haven't had sex until you've had it in a leather swing, that's exactly what Samantha did in the episode "Running with Scissors." It was also in this episode that Samantha was forced to face her fear about getting an STI screening, because the man with the swing wouldn't have sex with her until he knew she wasn't HIV-positive.



As far as interesting bedfellows go, both Samantha and Miranda win. In "The Freak Show," Samantha finds her date has chained himself up in a mini-BDSM closet, from which he asks her to spank him. What can be seen in the closet, in addition to his chains, are a couple of handcuffs and...



...a flogger. Because what's a mini Red Room of Pain without those two key items?



In season three when the ladies head out to LA, Samantha, to no one's surprise, ends up having a fling with dildo model Garth West, who, apparently, has a bestselling dildo. But in trying to prove to Samantha he's more than his, um, dick, he proceeds to recite his poetry to her one night. Needless to say, that didn't win any points with her, but at least she got to take a piece of him home for her goodie drawer.


Hand-Held Shower Head

Can a shower head count as a sex toy? If you use it right, yes. And anyone who's take, advantage of a hand-held, high-pressure shower head can attest to that. Leave it to Samantha to make showering with Smith extra pleasurable.



Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

We've certainly come a long way since Miranda dated Ethan Watson, the guy who couldn't have sex without porn, in regards to how we watch it. I mean, the guy would reach over Miranda's head and turn on his VCR. These days, porn is far more accessible and, honestly, can be found anywhere — and, in some cases, for free.

But if you want to keep your porn ethical, then feminist pornographer Erika Lust has a handful of suggestions of porn that focuses on female pleasure. Porn can be a great asset in the bedroom for some people.



Although we never officially see the strap-on — just Samantha's pulled neck from using it on Maria — that's enough to get it on the list.

When it comes to strap-ons, if you're new to them, it involves a bit of experimentation as to what ones works for you and your partner. But starting with a very basic strap-on, like the one above, can give you a good idea of what they entail.



The beginning of the episode, "La Douleur Exquise!" opens with the women at a BDSM-themed club where Samantha is playfully using a crop to smack those around her. Carrie later takes that crop home to Mr. Big. This is actually only one of two (two!) times we see the sex writer with a sex toy in the 94 episodes, the other being the rabbit vibrator.


Reddi Wip

Honestly, when it comes to sex and food, it's hard to figure out where it belongs. But if a sex toy is meant to add extra pleasure to a sexual experience, and food definitely does that, then Samantha covering Smith in Reddi Wip shouldn't be overlooked. Samantha would incorporate food again in the first SATC movie, when she covered herself in sushi for Smith — who didn't come home on time to enjoy it.


If you're hoping to relive Sex and the City through sex toys, this list of 13 will help you do just that! What better way to celebrate over 20 years of the iconic series.