13 Sex Toys From ‘Sex & The City’ & Where To Buy Them

When the classic HBO series Sex and the City debuted in June 1998, it was instantly groundbreaking. For the first time, women owning their sexuality and having sex on their own terms was front and center of a major television show. While there were many male characters in there, who were equally sexual, it was how the women were portrayed, in regards to sex, that made the show what it was. Sex and the City also, in its own way, normalized things like women using sex toys to get off, as well as sex acts like analingus, anal sex, and threesomes, with ease and humor.

Because Sex and the City will always remain iconic, no matter how much it might seem a bit outdated these days, the same might be said for the sex toys in Sex and the City — and I'm talking about more than just Charlotte's rabbit vibrator. So, in the name of science, I rewatched those six seasons and 94 episodes to see exactly what sex toys were shown in Sex and the City.

Surprisingly, there are a lot fewer sex toy appearances than you'd think. While, when you watch the episodes now, SATC is outdated in many ways, like how it handles sensitive issues like LGBTQ representation or body-positivity, it was still, for some, a sexual awakening. An awakening that was necessary to break down stereotypes, taboos, and sex-related social norms.

Here are the 13 sex toys from Sex and the City and where you can buy them — or at least the modern equivalent to them.