15 Things About The '90s No One Misses

by Megan Grant

There's a reason why kids who grew up in the '90s are so tough: It's because we lived through a technologically unsavvy time when everything took forever and fashion was either 100 percent awesome or completely ridiculous. Don't get me wrong — it was the ultimate decade; there are, however, quite a few things about the '90s no one misses. Given the chance, I would rewind to the days of old school Nickelodeon and candy necklaces in a heartbeat, because nothing quite compares... but there are still a few things I would probably skip right over, because to the shock and dismay of no one, WiFi is undoubtedly better than dial-up.

So much changed so quickly; indeed, young people today probably don't even know what floppy disks and Oregon Trail are, while to us '90s kids, they were everything — right along with Ring Pops, Legend of the Hidden Temple, and slap bracelets. The '90s were good to us like that. When it wasn't good, though, it could be silly, irritating, and even downright ridiculous.

The '90s hold a special place in all of our hearts, and we'll always look back on our childhoods fondly. But let's be honest: We don't really miss these things, do we?

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Calling Your Friend On Their Landline And Their Parents Answering

"Hi Mrs. Klingerman. I'm fine, thank you. Is Brittany there? Yes, my mom is fine too, thank you. Is Brittany there? Dad's good too, thanks. Yes, Sparky's good. PUT BRITTANY ON THE PHONE, MRS. KLINGERMAN."


Soul Patches

Ah, yes. The '90s hair trend that looked like men got interrupted in the middle of shaving and then just never finished.


Devil Sticks

Just to clear up a few misconceptions, this popular toy was indeed using two sticks to throw around a third stick. Yes, we actually spent our parents' hard-earned money on this.


Dial-Up Internet

The only silver lining is that dial-up gave you enough time to go downstairs, heat up some Bagel Bites, grab a juice box, and get a college degree.


Overalls With One Clip Unhooked

Those clips were functional, people. Why did we do this? Was it an act of defiance? "You can't control me. I wear one side of my overalls unstrapped."


Toe Rings

These were super cute, but not very convenient. If you still wear a toe ring today, it's probably because you put one on in the '90s and were never able to get it off.

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Wearing An Overabundance Of Hair Accessories

If we were trying to make a statement, we succeeded. Unfortunately, that statement was, "I couldn't decide on one butterfly clip, so I wore all 50."


When Your Stick-On Earring Fell Off In Front Of Everyone

This was akin to your classmates finding out you stuffed your bra. Fraud!


Renting A Movie From Blockbuster & Finding Out That It Hadn't Been Rewound

What kind of monster returns a movie without rewinding it?


Movies That Took Two VHS Tapes

We loved Titanic because Leo + Kate = <3. But having to get up to put the second tape in was about as annoying as it got.


CD Players That Skipped

You couldn't breathe without your Spice Girls CD skipping. It was most irritating and made jamming out really difficult.


Waiting To Get Your Film Developed Only To Find The Pictures Were All Ruined

You'd wait a week for the pictures from your birthday party, and the light was too bright or the picture was completely dark or everything was fuzzy or your Aunt Karen had her finger in front of the flash in every single picture. What a life-ruiner.


Snow Days That Never Happened

Nothing was more traumatizing in the '90s than expecting a snow day only to be let down because they were able to plow and salt the roads in time. Why was your life so sucky?


Homemade Tie-Dye Shirts That Didn't Turn Out Right

All of the popular girls accomplished this so effortlessly. Your tie-dye shirts always came out like rainbow blobs. So not cool.


"Personal Assistants"

Listen, if I'm going to take advice, it's not going to be from an animated paperclip. Now get out of my monitor.