16 Moments From 'Jane The Virgin' That Prove Jane & Petra Are The Real OTP

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Ah, Jane and Petra. Their friendship on Jane the Virgin is almost as unlikely as a virgin getting pregnant. But through the years, they have come to love each other. There have certainly been plenty of times where their relationship has nearly unraveled. But these Jane and Petra moments from Jane the Virgin prove that while they still might disagree in Season 5, they will never stop being family.

Season 4 ended with Petra and Jane both going through some major traumas. Petra was attacked, but saved by her recent ex JR and Jane learned that Michael was still alive. So they'll both have bigger things to worry about than whether or not they're getting along when the show returns for its final season on March 27. In a way, that's a good thing since their relationship has been a rollercoaster with verbal sparring and physical altercations mixed in with declarations of friendship and love.

Jane and Petra's children are siblings and despite their romantic entanglements with Rafael, they have formed a family. So while the narrator himself has called them oil and water, these two have forged a friendship that's built on love. And since they both are in bad places at the start of Season 5, let's hope that their mutual love will be of some comfort to them. After all — when you've gone through the moments below, how can you not be bonded for life?


When Jane Comforted A Crying Petra

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One of the first times these two really connected was in "Chapter 12." Petra's abusive ex Milos had come to the Marbella and when Jane found Petra crying in the stairwell, she was genuinely concerned. Jane's compassion is to credit for this moment, but it was the first sign that these two women could be more than enemies.


When Jane Helped Petra With Her Wedding

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Jane helped with Milos again in Season 2 when he blackmailed Petra into marrying him. While Jane and Petra were on pretty terrible terms (since Jane just found out that Petra artificially inseminated herself), Jane still checked in with her to make sure that Petra wasn't in danger in "Chapter 27" and even spoke to Magda to find a way to help. Jane admitted that two percent of her cares for Petra and when Petra made it clear she was going through with the marriage, Jane was the one who put the traditional Czech bridal crown on Petra's head.


When Jane Invited Petra For Thanksgiving Dinner


In "Chapter 28," Petra showed some vulnerability by asking Jane how she learned about parenting. Jane picked up on how Petra must feel lonely and tricked Petra into coming over for Thanksgiving dinner, which Petra gratefully accepted. This same episode also showed Jane supporting Magda's release from prison, which was incredibly generous.


When Petra Invited Jane To Lunch

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Petra not only called and apologized to Jane in "Chapter 29" after snapping at her (because she was busy hiding Ivan's dead body in her bathtub), but then she invited Jane for a lunch date. Unfortunately, because of the Ivan complications, Petra had to cancel lunch and pretend she didn't want to be friends with Jane. But this marked the first time that a friendship seemed feasible.


When Petra Gave Jane A Pep Talk

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What started out as an intervention for Rafael in "Chapter 36," turned into Petra motivating Jane to speak up for herself to the author who stole her idea. Petra claimed she just wanted someone to yell at because she was past her due date, but there clearly was more to this.


When Jane Supported Petra Through Child Birth

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At the bookstore, Petra went into labor and with Rafael stuck in traffic with Michael, it was up to Jane to coach Petra through labor. There are just some things that will change your dynamic forever and childbirth is truly one of them.


When Jane Checked On Petra After The Babies Were Born

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Petra had a hard time after Anna and Elsa were born and when Jane forced her to go to a new mom group in "Chapter 38," Petra learned she might have postpartum depression. Without this intervention and support, things could have become even darker for Petra.


When Petra Bought Jane & Michael A House

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Jane's help with Petra's mental health didn't go unnoticed. When Michael and Jane struggled to find a house to rent that was in their price range, Petra decided to secretly rent a home she bought to them and subsidize their rent. She also defended Jane to Rafael, so it was clear their relationship had turned a real corner by "Chapter 38."


When Petra Went To Jane's Wedding

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At the end of Season 2, Petra and Jane were in a fight about Anezka, but then things got even more complicated with Rafael's insider trading and their opposing moral views. But Petra still showed up to Jane's wedding to Michael in "Chapter 44" and looked thrilled for her.


When Jane Figured Out Anezka Was Impersonating Petra

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Rafael had had sex with Anezka as Petra in disguise, but Jane was the one to figure out that Anezka had paralyzed Petra and was impersonating her. Sure, the idea was so crazy that she and Rafael vacillated about it and Jane didn't actually see the suspicion through herself. But Jane really saved the day in "Chapter 48" by noticing something was off.


Their Weekly Saturday Brunches

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So much had changed in "Chapter 55" following a three-year time jump. But flashbacks showed that after Michael died and Rafael went to prison, these women bonded as a family through weekly brunches with their children. And it's a tradition that continued in the present.


When Petra Called Jane Her "Only Real Friend"

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Petra's not one to admit her real feelings — especially to Jane. But when she was conflicted about whether or not to get back together with Rafael in "Chapter 63," she headed to Alba's house to get Jane's advice. "I don't care if you don't want to be in the middle. I need to talk this over with someone and you're my only real friend," Petra said.


When Jane Told Petra To Risk Being With Rafael

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In the same episode, Jane put her own feelings aside to help Rafael and Petra rekindle their romance — even though it meant feeling like she and Mateo would be on the outside of Rafael's life. Rafael and Petra's second try was short-lived, but it was a meaningful gesture on Jane's part to encourage them.


When Petra Ensured The Brunches Kept Going

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Petra and Jane were on the outs again in Season 4, but Petra was set on making amends in "Chapter 73." Although Jane tried to cancel their weekly brunch, Petra barged into Alba's house to make sure it happened. And this brunch led to Jane briefly ghostwriting for Petra's lifestyle book.


When Petra Was The Tooth Fairy

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Petra's twins revealed to their half brother Mateo that the tooth fairy and Santa don't exist. Jane was outraged, but she was way more upset about Xo's breast cancer in "Chapter 77." Through talking with Alba, Petra knew how to dress to portray the tooth fairy that Xo had explained to Mateo and surprised him one night. She gave the gift of magic back to Mateo and the gift of comfort to Jane.


Jane Said, "I Love You" ... And Petra Said It Back

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By the end of Season 4, there was no denying that Jane and Petra were family. But the emotional Jane made the cooler Petra proclaim her feelings in "Chapter 79." Jane was upset that Petra's new girlfriend JR didn't like her, but admitted it was only because she loved Petra. And despite her reluctance, Petra said I love you too for a hilarious and sweet moment.

Although these women have had so many ups and downs and will undoubtedly continue to butt heads during the final season, Jane and Petra love each other — and not even murder attempts and husbands coming back from the dead can change that.