17 Crazy Netflix Original Series You Need To Know

Steffan Hill/Netflix

You might think that you know every title on Netflix from endless hours of searching for the perfect thing to watch. Yet, there is a tremendous amount of really crazy-sounding Netflix series out there that you may have never even heard of. While some are bonkers in the sense that they fit into the paranormal or sci-fi genres, others are captivating manga-inspired series, dramas with twists and turns that you can't see coming, and comedies that are just too wacky not to know.

A lot of the most intriguing Netflix original series that you haven't heard of are actually from other countries, but once you hear the descriptions, you're going to realize real quick that it's time to get international. And luckily, Netflix makes it easy on you by offering either subtitles or dubbing for its imported shows. If you're a Netflix fanatic, you may be able to forgive yourself for not being familiar with those international shows, but other series that are available to stream you may not even understand how you never heard of them before (trust me, I'm right there with you). But it's time to rectify that problem right now.

While I'm the last person to judge your for watching Lost for the umpteenth time, why not broaden your horizons with these 17 fascinating Netflix original series? I guarantee that at least one of these shows will be worth the wild ride.



Pedro Saad/Netflix

This dystopian future series from Brazil is about a cutthroat "Process" that offers people the chance to live in a better world.


'Ajin: Demi-Human'


This show based off of a Japanese manga series is about a teenager who discovers he's an immortal deity, and it already has two seasons.


'Hotel Beau Séjour'


This Belgian series kicks off with a teenage girl finding her own dead body in a hotel bathtub — so, yeah, it's got a bit of a supernatural element to it.



Ken Woroner/Netflix

As this Canadian drama about a disease that kills anyone over 21 years old shows, Netflix loves its sci-fi.


'Call Me Francis'

Angelo Di Pietro/Netflix

This isn't a trippy sci-fi show, but this miniseries does tell the story of how Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the current Pope Francis.


'Chewing Gum'

Mark Johnson/Netflix

This zany British comedy stars and was created by Michaela Coel and already has two seasons waiting for you.


'Club De Cuervos'

Daniel Daza/Netflix

As Netflix's first Spanish-language original series, this show about a football club and the family that owns it makes the list because it's just crazy you haven't heard about it yet.



Steffan Hill/Netflix

This British comedy show has a slight twist — the main characters are demon hunters. Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossed with Shaun of the Dead.




This Argentinian series about an undercover agent, prosecutor, and journalist taking down a human trafficking ring is complicated by the fact that it follows the events in two time periods.




This Australian series is a slightly different take on zombies — with six people rising from the dead in seemingly perfect health.


'Happy Valley'

Ben Blackall/Netflix

Don't let the name fool you, this British crime drama series gets real dark, real quick.


'Hemlock Grove'

Ken Woroner/Netflix

This horror series about a fictional Pennsylvania town was made right here in the United States, and it has three seasons starring Famke Janssen and Bill Skarsgård for you to marathon.


'Medici: Masters of Florence'


If you miss Robb Stark on Game of Thrones, check out actor Richard Madden in this historical drama thriller about 15th-century Florence. Dustin Hoffman stars in it, too!


'No Second Chance'


A doctor deals with some dark secrets while searching for her baby daughter. Beyond the twists of the plot, the crazy thing about this series is that it's a French adaptation of an American book.


'One More Time'


This South Korean fantasy drama follows an indie band singer and involves time travel.



Nick Briggs/Netflix

Stellan Skarsgård (Bill's dad!) is plagued with voices in his head as Detective Inspector John River.


'Samurai Gourmet'


A retired Japanese man eating and drinking doesn't sound too enthralling until you know his dining excursions awaken a samurai within him.

As Netflix continues cultivating original programming, there will be plenty more of unconventional series where these came from — and I can't wait to stream them all.