22 Gifts For People Who Love Dessert


Do you know someone who eats dessert before dinner? Do you have a friend whose idea of balance is having salad for lunch so they can have froyo dripping in caramel sauce immediately after? (1) Keep those people close, because they're very wise, and (2) treat them right this holiday season with one of these 22 gifts for people who love dessert.

Dessert has reached a new level, and people are really starting to think outside the (cookie) box. Edible cookie dough — minus the raw egg — is all the rage these days. Someone went and created mayonnaise-flavored ice cream, because why not? There's 24-karat gold ice cream to make you feel like royalty, and things got awkward with pickle doughnuts.

I haven't even gotten to unicorn macarons, Ben & Jerry's ice cream bagels, and the countless crockpot dessert recipes that will make your mouth water and your home smell like a dream.

I'm not drooling. Yer drooling! Okay fine. I'm drooling.

The holidays are around the corner, and it's the perfect time to buy something your dessert-loving friend will adore. This year, give the the gift of sugar and sweetness. Here are 22 delicious ideas to get you started.

1Dessert Towels

Funny Dessert Kitchen Towels


These kitchen towels are delightfully witty and totally perfect for dessert lovers. DoTakeItPersonally sells them on Etsy.

2Cake Pop Maker

Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker


Make flawless cake pops every time with this handy gadget. Smother them in frosting and sprinkles, and life doesn't get much better.

3Personalized Ice Cream Spoon

Ice Cream Spoon


Get your sugar rush on with a personalized ice cream spoon that only you are allowed to use. Get one from TheSmileEmporium on Etsy.

4Pie Saver

Pampered Chef Pie Gate Saver Keeper


Do people know about this? This little piece of plastic stops your pie from falling apart after you've cut a slice.

5Cake Mug

Cute Coffee Mug


SweetTeesEtc on Etsy knows that you can't eat mug cake out of any ordinary mug. You need a designated cake mug, obviously.

6Macaron Earphones

GEARONIC TM Cute 3.5mm in Ear Earphones


These macaron earphones are off-the-charts adorable and perfect for that person who loves the sweet treat.

7S'mores Bar

Smores Bar


If you're a dessert lover, your life isn't complete until you have this s'mores bar. Brilliant! These are available from Etsy seller BlankCanvasbyBrandon.

8Cupcake Trophy

Cupcake Trophy


How do you please a dessert lover? You give them a cupcake trophy for being so spectacular. You can buy these from FarOutAwardsTrophies on Etsy.

9Personalized Ice Cream Bowl

Personalized Ice Cream Dish or Dessert Bowl


If your ice cream bowl doesn't have your name on it, is it really your ice cream bowl? To be safe, get it personalized from hallesophiagifts on Etsy.

10Ice Cream Cone Coasters

Ice Cream Cones Drink Coaster


Now you can avoid rings on your expensive coffee table while simultaneously satisfying your need for something sweet. Grab these coasters from Tesnis on Etsy.

11Ice Cream Candle

Peppermint Bliss, Ice Cream Candle


This dessert candle from Etsy seller CandleConfectionery looks good enough to eat, doesn't it? (Seriously, though? Don't eat it.)

12Macaron PopSocket

Macaron PopSockets Grip and Stand


Take better selfies *and* do it in style. If you don't already have a macaron PopSocket, what are you waiting for?

13Blueberry Cheesecake Soap

Blueberry Cheesecake Soap


You guys, it's cheesecake! Except it's soap! I don't know whether to dig in or go take a shower. Get a slice from ajsweetsoap on Etsy.

14Macaron Flavor Chart

Paris Macarons Flavour Chart


Now your dessert-obsessed pal can decorate the walls of their kitchen with this colorful work of art from SweepingGirlSays on Etsy.

15Hot Chocolate Mix Ornaments

Holiday Hot Chocolate Mix Ornaments


Etsy seller TheCountryBakers knows how to satisfy the dessert lover's sweet tooth. This hot chocolate mix is perfectly served in a holiday tree ornament.

16Ice Cream Bar USB Drive

Sweet Ice Cream USB Flash Drive


You can never have too many USB drives. Add one more to your collection with this chocolate ice cream bar design. Delicious.

17Ice Cream Mixing Set

Parlor Ice Cream Mixing Set

Uncommon Goods

This is ideal for people who love ice cream and maybe entertaining guests. Think of all the flavor combinations you can create!

18Ice Cream Cone Light

Hanperal Ice Cream Night Light Desk Table Lamp


If you thought you didn't need an ice cream cone light for your home, you thought wrong, my friend.

19Fancy Party Sprinkles

Party Sprinkles

Uncommon Goods

Fact: Life is better with sprinkles. And these happen to be so pretty, you might not even want to use them.

20Macaron Kit

Macaron Kit

Uncommon Goods

Macarons are delicious, and with this kit, your sugar-loving friend or relative can make them at home from scratch whenever they want.

21Chocolate Caramel Popcorn Seasoning

Chocolate Caramel Popcorn Seasoning


Take a snack that's normally buttery and savory and add a sweet and decadent touch! Buy this from dellcovespices on Etsy.

22Chocolate Stout Coffee

Hopped Up Coffee - Chocolate Stout, Beer Coffee


Dessert is always better with a hot cup of coffee. This blend is made with roasted cocoa nibs. Grab a bag from Etsy seller OldTownSpiceShop.