These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Luckiest Mercury Retrograde

Fortune teller woman and a blue tarot cards over white wooden table background.

If you're a lover of the mystical arts, then you might have been prepared for the first Mercury retrograde of 2020 long before it began on Feb. 16. Whether or not you're deep into astrology, you've probably Mercury retrograde's notorious effects — perhaps in the form of incessant e-mail typos, poorly-communicated plans, mysterious phone glitches, and unexpected traffic jams that seem to happen way more frequently during these pesky three-week-long transits. But there are actually signs that point toward a few zodiac signs who will feel lucky during Mercury retrograde 2020 and have synchronicity on their side during this sometimes-messy period.

While the next couple weeks are set to be rocky thanks to the retrograde, there's going to an added layer of fantasy and illusion over all zodiac signs' day-to-day lives thanks to the fact that Mercury is in Pisces. As a water sign, Pisces energy brings about an added emphasis on feelings and intuition during this retrograde — making it a great time to look to mystical divination arts like tarot cards for some guidance on how to proceed.

If you've never used tarot cards before, there's nothing to be nervous about — they're actually an incredible tool for spiritual self-reflection. "Consulting tarot cards is an excellent way to gain mystical insights surrounding the energy we are facing within ourselves as well as in our relationships," says tarot reader Sarah Potter. "When we are tapped into the collective conscious, we can more easily go with the flow of the energy of our current situation while navigating any obstacles that may arise. We can know what to look out for, where our strengths and weaknesses lay or offer a new perspective so we can gain a new sense of clarity."

Bustle wanted to know what the cards had to say about the upcoming retrograde, so we consulted Potter, who drew cards for each zodiac sign to find out how they'd fare during Mercury's impending backspin. Read on to get the scoop on the signs who will have the luckiest Mercury retrograde, according to a tarot reader.

Aries: Ten Of Pentacles


About this card: In the tarot, the suit of pentacles (aka coins), represent material possessions, wealth, and earthly matters. "The Ten of Coins brings material abundance as recognition for your hard work, as you exceed expectations with a job well done," Potter says. It's about celebrating the abundant culmination of all your efforts.

What it means for you: This bodes really well for your career during Mercury retrograde, Aries. "Have you been wanting a raise at work for a while, but have been too afraid to ask because you felt it was not yet the right time? Here is your opportunity," Potter says. "Ask for that raise and you will be rewarded." While the retrograde could put delays on work projects, that doesn't change a thing about the stellar performance you've put in lately. Allow the shifting tides to help you find your voice and ask for what you know you deserve.

Gemini: The Chariot


About this card: This card is part of the Major Arcana in tarot, which represent larger points and themes in our lives. The Chariot represents willpower, focus, and determination in reaching your goals. It reminds us that no matter how lofty our goals, we can achieve them by putting in work and focusing our energy on succeeding.

What it means for you: Mercury may be your ruling planet, but you won't let this retrograde veer you off-course when it comes to your goals, Gem. "The Chariot brings a burst of motivational energy for you, as you travel down your current path to success," Potter says. "The road might be a little bumpy at times, but as long as you stay focused and determined, you will be able to overcome any obstacles that may stand in your way in order to accomplish your most major goals during Mercury Retrograde — as long as you can avoid any unnecessary distractions."

Cancer: Three Of Cups


About this card: The suit of cups represent emotions, feelings, and matters of the heart — and this card is a particularly joyful, community-oriented one. "The Three of Cups represents a celebratory time spent with people you love," Potter says. "This is a sweet card that represents the fun and happiness that comes from just having fun with your friends."

What it means for you: "Cancers love alone tine, but creating space for quality time with friends allows you to connect more deeply emotionally — and we all know how much that satisfies your needs," Potter says. "Invite your friends over and cook for them so you can revel in being that nurturer you love to be." While the retrograde might make plans difficult to pin down, you can circumvent these effects by making sure your social activities are low-key and close to home — just how you like them anyway!


If you're interested in embracing the spiritual, Piscean energy of this Mercury retrograde period, try throwing a tarot card spread for yourself! If you don't have your own set of cards, you can always plan a Mercury retrograde protection ritual, or do some meditations and spell work with crystals for Mercury retrograde, too.