Grab Some Night Cheese, '30 Rock' Is Coming Back To Streaming Very, Very Soon

NBCUniversal Television Distribution

If you were one of many fans distressed that 30 Rock is leaving Netflix in October, wipe those tears. Grab your Snuggie and prepare to sing about night cheese, because 30 Rock is coming to Hulu soon. Not just soon, but the very day after it leaves Netflix, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Yes, as of Sunday, Oct. 1, you'll be able to have seven seasons' worth of Liz Lemon in your Hulu queue. As Variety reported, this is part of a new agreement between the streaming service and NBCUniversal Television and New Media Distribution.

On the one hand, this is a relief for fans who didn't want to miss out on the Tina Fey comedy. On the flip side, if you're a loyal Netflix devotee, this means you may have to finally take the plunge and sign up for Hulu. Or if still you're on the fence, it could be the perfect time to try out the free trial option. Regardless, plenty of fan-favorite series are heading over to Hulu and they don't show any signs of stopping soon.

Besides 30 Rock, the streaming service recently announced that Will & Grace is on Hulu for the first time ever. Plus, Atlanta (which recently earned Donald Glover an Emmy) is on there. And a bunch of T.G.I.F. favorites are also slated to make their way to the platform in the near future, including Full House, Family Matters, and Step by Step. On top of that, Parenthood is also heading to Hulu as part of the same NBC deal as 30 Rock.

When word spread that 30 Rock has been saved from the streaming graveyard, fans reacted the only way they knew how — with gratitude and Liz Lemon GIFs galore. Honestly, there's no better way to celebrate.

1. Fans Got Their Groove On

*cue the Liz Lemon dance moves*

2. Others Expressed Their Gratitude

This truly feels like a gift from the TV gods.

3. Meanwhile, This Person Strategized

Not to condone creating multiple accounts, but this person sure seems determined to watch 30 Rock no matter what.

4. The Joy Is Real

This is exactly the mid-week pick-me-up all of us needed.

5. Crisis Averted

All is right in the world. (OK, not quite... not even close. But at least all is right in the world of TV.)

6. Some Finally Became Customers

30 Rock is what made this person ultimately take the plunge.

7. Let The Endless Marathons Begin

You'll be able to continue streaming to your heart's content.

8. This Person Might Be A Psychic

After correctly predicting this TV pick-up, this person gave themselves a well-deserved self-five.

9. Weeks Were Made

That's how you know this Twitter user is a loyal fan.

10. Others Suggested More Shows To Pick Up

It would also be a great time for Hulu to pick up One Tree Hill. Just saying.

11. Fans Will Follow The Show Wherever

And use Liz Lemon sayings along the way, of course.

12. It Brought A Bright Spot In The News Cycle

This person doesn't even seem to be exaggerating. Take the good news where you can.

13. The Day Is Saved

Luckily, the announcement turned people's days around.

If you're not yet a fan of the Fey sitcom — starring the equally fantastic Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, and Jane Krakowski — this may be your chance to finally hop aboard the bandwagon. The outcry from fans about its Netflix removal, along with the subsequent rejoicing about it heading to Hulu, are all the proof you need that it's a hit.

Not only that, but it'll probably inspire you to eat all the cheese — and there's nothing better than that.