5 Zodiac Signs That Are The Most Likely To Be Difficult

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Dealing with difficult people can be frustrating. Trying to argue or get them to see things your way can feel completely pointless. The reality is, we can all be difficult at some point. But according to astrology, some zodiac signs are known for being more difficult than others.

"Every astrological sign has both their positive and negative traits," astrologer Lisa Barretta, tells Bustle. "Some signs can be more flexible than others when it comes to dealing with them." For instance, Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are known for being some of the more easygoing signs. According to Barretta, Aries is super enthusiastic about everything — they're always up for a new adventure, and they're so flexible that making last minute plans doesn't bother them.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of friendship and optimism. According to Barretta, they're known for their sense of humor and they have a way of seeing the lighter side of any given situation. They know how to roll with the punches and won't let negative situations kill their mood.

Aquarians are known for being the most non-judgemental people you'll probably ever meet. You'll never have to pretend to be anything other than yourself around them. According to Barretta, they'll respect your boundaries, value your eccentricities, and are super loyal to their loved ones.

While these are the more easy to please signs, there are some signs that can be a little more difficult to deal with. So here are five zodiac signs that may be difficult, according to astrologers.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

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Taurus is known for being the most stubborn sign among the entire zodiac. They can be strongly opinionated and become immovable once they've made up their mind. According to Barretta, once a Taurus digs their heels in, very rarely can you get them to change their mind.

But there's hope for Taurus. If your stubborn nature makes you come off as difficult, it's not a bad idea for you to take a moment to really listen to other points of view. Remind yourself that you can't always be right. Although compromising may not be the easiest thing for you, it can help you have better relationships with others.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

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When a Cancer doesn't get their way, they likely won't be happy about it. "Should you ever dare hurt their feelings, even unintentionally, this sign will display the most difficult traits of their personality," Barretta says. "They are pros at holding a grudge and giving the silent treatment."

You're very sensitive and will react without thinking. So as challenging as it may be for you, it's important to not take everything so personally. Don't jump to conclusions too soon. People are allowed to have their own opinions, even if those opinions differ from yours. It says nothing about you or what they think of you.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

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"Virgos have a knack for spotting the fly in every ointment," Barretta says. You have a tendency to be overly critical or too analytical. According to Barretta, this not only makes you difficult with others, but it can also make you extremely hard on yourself. If this is the case, practicing acceptance is the key. Remind yourself that nothing in life is perfect. Above all, find ways to appreciate yourself each day. For instance, you can try saying some self-care mantras that can help you be nicer to yourself.


Libra (September 23 - October 22)

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"Even though Libras are ruled by Venus, the super planet of aesthetics, love and beauty, they can drive someone crazy with their need to weigh everything back and forth before arriving at a decision," Barretta says. However, once you make a decision there's no guarantee that you won't change your mind at the very last minute. This can be frustrating for people around you. There's nothing wrong with taking your time, but if people are counting on you, it's important to stop thinking so much and just go with your gut. Learning how to trust yourself can help you make decisions more quickly.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

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Some people may find Capricorn hard to deal with because at times, you can have a "know-it-all" attitude. According to Barretta, you can also come off as impersonal and cold if someone challenges your way of thinking. If you don't want to come off as difficult, it's important to take other people's ideas into consideration. Take a moment to really listen to them without interrupting. Maybe you'll learn something new or see things in a way you never thought of before.

Again, everyone is difficult at some point. These five signs may just be a tad bit more difficult to please than others. But if they can be mindful of their behavior and how it affects others, being a little "difficult" shouldn't get in the way of their relationships.