These 'Jane The Virgin' Theories Show Luisa Might Not Ruin Everything — For Once

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Luisa was a vital part of the drama that set off all the action of Jane the Virgin. So, of course, Rafael's sister has returned for the final episodes to potentially stir up trouble. Yet, it's worth considering theories about Luisa on Jane the Virgin where this lost soul could end up saving the day. Unlike her lover — the crime boss Sin Rostro — Luisa does seem to be a genuinely good person. That means there's a possibility that she could put an end to Rose's doubles plan that was introduced in "Chapter 96." But considering she has been working closely with Rose's henchperson Bobby, fans should prepare for Luisa's story to go any which way for the end of Jane the Virgin.

Sweet, dysfunctional Luisa is one of the most maddening characters on Jane the Virgin. While she's intelligent (she was a doctor after all), she is painfully naive and a sucker for romance. With Rose constantly pushing their love story narrative on her and Rafael constantly pushing her away, Luisa could very well be a part of Sin Rostro's final diabolical doppelgängery plan of the series. And the show has sure made it seem that way since Luisa was by Bobby's side when he stole Emilio's fingerprint from Rafael to unlock a giant vault of money.

Some viewers may be OK with that because they want Rose and Luisa to have their own version of a happy ending. But others may have faith that Luisa is not as entranced by Rose as she once and will prove that not only to her brother but to herself. So let's take a look at those theories — and everything in between — before Luisa must respond to Rose's next crime hitting Jane the Virgin in full force.


She Really Is Working For Rose

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If you take what has been presented by the narrator at face value, then it sure appears that Luisa is working for Rose. If that's the whole truth of it, then Luisa will probably use Emilio's money to help Rose escape from prison.


She Is Tricking Rose

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Bobby seems to believe that Luisa is on his side and Rose always has an über amount of confidence. But what if they have Luisa all wrong? Luisa has worked with the police before to help get information from Rose. So whether Luisa is operating on her own (that'd be ill-advised) or she got Dennis and the authorities involved, Luisa could be playing along with Bobby to put an end to Rose's criminal dealings for good.


She Will Die

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If you're involved with Rose, you're going to be in peril. And that applies to Luisa regardless if she's actually helping Rose or not. It seems doubtful that the murderous Sin Rostro would take out her number one love, but Rose might be capable of killing Luisa if she betrayed her. Or, Luisa could accidentally be killed by the police while they are trying to capture Rose. That would leave Sin Rostro completely devastated, which could leave her either more vengeful than ever or maybe, she'd finally stop her scheming after the loss of Luisa.


She Will Kill Rose

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Even if Luisa is currently Team Rose, she could turn on her again if Rose was planning something particularly awful — like hurting Luisa's nephew and niece. It seemed earlier this season that Rose had a plan for Mateo, Anna, and Elsa. So if their young lives were threatened, Luisa could be driven to do the unthinkable and kill Rose herself.


Rose Will Give Her Amnesia

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Rose brought back her favorite face-swapping technology with her doubles in "Chapter 96," so Reddit user flyingbuffalo25 wondered if Rose might repeat yet another one of her crimes. They proposed that Rose could give Luisa amnesia like she did with Michael. Since Luisa is hesitant to be with Rose because of everything she has done to her family and their loved ones, Rose could ensure that Luisa would stay with her forever by wiping her memories.


She Will Live Happily Ever After With Rose

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While Rose and Luisa's relationship is totally toxic, you gotta admit they have wild chemistry. So some fans want to see them run away together and get their happy ending. Sure, Rose escaping and living it up with Luisa wouldn't be the Jane and Rafael's idea of a happy ending. But if Rose left them alone and was out of their hair, it wouldn't be the worst thing that happened.

Luisa is set to return in "Chapter 97," so she'll have to prove which side she's really on before Jane the Virgin is through. And like with everything that happens with Luisa, expect her final moments — with or without Rose — to get rather messy.