These Are The Best Places To Meet Someone IRL This Summer

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Whether you're looking for a summer fling or something long-lasting, summer is the best season for romance, whether it's short- or long-term. People are out and about, socializing, traveling, and considering your sex drive may be increased simply because it's summer, it does make for the perfect combination to meet the right people. Even if it's just the right person for the night, there's no shortage of places to go to unearth these folks and have some fun.

"Now that the weather is warm, there are so many exciting places to meet someone,"Susan Trombetti, matchmaker, the owner of Exclusive Matchmaking, and who also does Bachelorette recaps, tells Bustle, tells Bustle. "For a matchmaker, summer is one of our busiest times. People are out and about, and naturally just want to meet someone, even if it's just for a not-so serious summer fling."

But because we've become so addicted to our phones and meeting people online, knowing where to go to meet someone in real life can feel like a feat. If you're not sure where to look or have forgotten how to approach people IRL, here are seven of the best places to get back into the swing of meeting someone offline this summer.

Outdoor Concerts
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"I always recommend going out and joining in the fun," says Trombetti. "Lots of areas have a free evening concert series, and it's a great way to get out of the house and hear great music with friends and meet someone. Remember, anytime you get out of the house, you increase your chances of meeting someone if you just smile."

With the nice weather, there's no end to summer concerts. From free concerts, like those that Celebrate Brooklyn bring to New York City, to concerts like Lollapalooza that are anything but free, there many to choose from and, according to a survey by Lovehoney, music festivals are a great place to have sex — not just meet someone.


"Airports!" Camille Virginia, founder of Master Offline Dating, tells Bustle. "My favorite place to meet people. As you're traveling on summer vacation, keep en eye out for opportunities to meet someone in the boarding area, airport bar, or even security line. When we're traveling places we're much more open to engaging with people (I call this the 'Vacation Effect'), because we're less worried (even if just subconsciously) about seeing people we know. It's kinda like going to Vegas — people's inhibitions get lowered. This is great news for you because it's easier to engage with someone — and a built-in universal airport icebreaker is always 'Where ya headed to?'."

It might sound like something ripped from the pages of a Nora Ephron screenplay, but it's true. I actually have two friends who, when stranded at airports (at different times and in different scenarios), met the people they would eventually marry.

Neighborhood Block Parties
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"Every city has a few block parties," says Trombetti. "Surely, you can't miss this because you have been dying to meet your hot neighbor, so be sure to take advantage. Summer is such a social time, so it's not like you are trying too hard."

Whether it's an epic block party in Brooklyn thrown by Spike Lee or a smaller block party in a little town somewhere in middle America, block parties remain a great way to meet people — and show off that amazing potato salad you know how to make.

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Summer loves festivals and festivals love summer. No matter what sort of festival you're looking to hit up — food, music, art, history — the choice is literally yours. And, similar to a concert, should you meet someone at a festival, you'll know you have at least something in common.

"Big Cities always have great festivals," says Trombetti. "I am close to Baltimore and we have so many cultural festivals. I am even closer to the Chesapeake Bay and we have the seafood festival with great live bands. Every town has festivals from the smallest to the largest towns, celebrating their heritage or history. Get out there."

Happy Hour
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"Summer times means more rooftop happy hours or organized event-style type of happy hours for singles and professionals," says Trombetti. "As matchmaker, I work all over the U.S. and send my recruiters to them to scout matches. .... It's a great place to meet young, single professionals. I just love an NYC or DC rooftop happy hour. There are my favorite since they are outside!"

While I can't speak to DC rooftop happy hours, I can attest to the fact that NYC rooftop happy hours are fantastic, even when the humidity is at 98 percent. There's nothing like sipping cocktails next to the Empire State Building to make you feel like you made it.

The Beach

"Need I say more?" ask Trombetti. "The sun and the sand, along with your tan makes you forget all your cares. A little volleyball on the beach is a great way to meet someone, or later at the little grills and restaurants along the waterside where singles congregate after a day at the beach to have a little evening fun."

Let's be honest, you can try as hard as you want all year long to replicate beach hair, but it just can't be done quite like going to the actual beach. With beach hair and your cares so faraway, you're ready to woo and be wooed by someone.

On Vacation

"Not only should you take one to get a little break, but you never know who you might meet," says Trombetti. "Vacations are a fabulous way to meet someone new and interesting. You are relaxed and the only demands on your schedule are for sightseeing. Ask the innkeeper or the concierge if they know any singles that might join you on a tour if you go alone. You can always just join a tour as well because you have a built in group whether it a vacation tour or a little tour during your vacation."

Now all you have to do is put down your phone, unplug, and get out there. We only have one more month of summer left so make the most of it.