7 Films Out This Summer That Are Worth Staying Indoors For

by Aoife Hanna

Summer time is the best time of year for getting outside and having fun. It's that time of year when all you want to do is socialise, see loved ones, and get out in nature. However those things, gorgeous as they are, can get a little boring. Well, guys, luckily for us, the great gods of entertainment are there to serve us lots of sick cinematic offerings. Yes, it's blockbuster season, and the top films coming out this summer are definitely worth sitting in a dark cinema for.

Yes, it's time to shirk sunshine and pray for rain because sometimes all you want to do is get cosy in a cinema and smash popcorn in your little gob. You deserve it babes.

If high octane adventures are your bag there are several in the mix this summer that'll whet your appetite. If you need a film that you can bring kids to, there's options for that too. Or maybe you fancy a film with a load of swearing, violence, and drama? Don't worry, you will have a lot of options this summer season for all of your entertainment needs.

All you need to do now is check your local cinema listings, pray for a rainy day, and prepare to be entertained.


'The Lion King'

The latest version of an old Disney classic follows the titan that was Aladdin. Donald Glover and Beyonce are leading the way in this film, which features their incredible voices throughout.

In UK cinemas July 12 2019


'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood'

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

OK now I have your attention, let's talk about the huge AF Quentin Tarantino film they are starring in. They play two wannabe TV stars in 1960s LA. The film is set in a time when the Manson Family murders were shaking the very foundations of American society. Expect darker than dark humour and some pretty lit outfits.

In UK cinemas August 14 2019


'Toy Story 4'

Woody and all the gang are back together for another adventure and this one is next level for multiple reasons. It gets deep AF with a toy spork (Forky) who has an existential life crisis and it also features Woody going on his very own self discovery adventure.

As with all films in this brilliant franchise, make sure you bring the tissues.

In UK cinemas now


'Late Night'

This is comedy hero Mindy Kaling's first feature-length film and, guys, it stars Emma Thompson. What's not to love?

It's all about a successful female late night TV host, Katherine Newbury, who finds her career on the brink. Kaling plays a plucky new writer who is tasked with updating Newbury's presenting style.

In UK cinemas now


'Spiderman: Far From Home'

The latest Spiderman adventure is set after "the snap," a five-year period in which Spiderman and his crew went missing thanks to Thaos snapping half of the universe out of existence in Avengers: Infinity War. Basically, your classic Marvel antics. Anyway, Spiderman: Far From Home will feel very close to home for us Brits as it's set in London.

In UK cinemas July 5 2019


'Child's Play'

Maybe summer for you is more about getting your spook on? Or screaming a whole bunch? Well say hello to my terrifying little friend, because this is about to get serious. The latest instalment in the Chucky series sees Chucky as an AI human companion that goes super evil. OK, great, so basically the future then?

In UK cinemas now


'X-Men: The New Mutants'

Yes, this is the second X-Men film out this summer but, guys, this one looks a hell of a lot different than what has come before.

The New Mutants is basically a horror film, with mutants being kept underground in a facility. Charlie Heaton from Stranger Things appears in this film, which is tense and dark AF.

Not one for those who are a bit jumpy.

In UK cinemas August 2


Make sure you hit up your local cinema ASAP to see this summer's blockbusters while they are still being shown. Because lord knows summer flies and these epics deserve to be seen on the big screen.