7 Solo Sex Moves To Keep You Busy During Stella
by Laken Howard
Ashley Batz/Bustle

In case you haven't heard, winter storm Stella is sweeping the Northeast, and it's already bringing us heavy snowfall and bitingly cold winds. Translation: it's time to dig into those snacks and wine, and start building that blanket fort, because you're not gonna want to venture out. Luckily, there are plenty of sexy ways to stay busy during winter storm Stella, so you won't be too bored if your power goes out midday. Whether you're single or your partner just can't make it to your place in time, feel free to use Stella as an excuse to spend a whole day pleasuring yourself to pass the time.

"Get your brain on board with masturbation and your body will thank you," Emily Morse, Doctor of Human Sexuality and host of the Sex With Emily podcast, tells Bustle. "Remember that arousal starts in your head and works its way down. If your mind is good and turned on, it won’t be long until the rest of your body follows suit. To get that big sexy brain on board, start exploring your fantasies and finding new mental triggers that can fuel your self-love sessions."

Here are seven fun, creative masturbation techniques that you can practice while you're cozy under the covers, safe from the snowstorm.


Spend Hours Edging Yourself

If you have all day, edging is the perfect method to experiment with. "Edging is when you achieve a longer, more intense orgasm by getting close to orgasm, then preventing it before it happens," Stacy Rybchin, founder and CEO of My Secret Soiree, a pleasure-based sexual health and wellness education company, tells Bustle. "You could pause, go to zero and then rebuild or you could distract yourself away from the orgasm, shifting the focus... before you start again."


Tease Yourself By 'Hinting'

"Hinting is building anticipation and intensifying pleasure by moving over a sensitive spot and only occasionally touching it," Rybchin says. "For a woman, you could hint over the entire vulva, the clitoris or just the opening."

For a man, ignore the head of your penis (which is super sensitive) while you masturbate, only coming back to it every once in a while to increase your pleasure.


Find What Feels Best With 'Accenting'

Accenting is all about identifying the spots that feel good, and giving those a little extra attention. "The clitoris is not just the visible part at the top that you can see," Rybchin says. "The clitoris has clitoral legs that can extend down to the anus. If you try building pleasure over all the different parts of the clitoris, accent the part that feels that best with extra pressure or speed."

Men can try accenting, too: explore all the areas of your penis (and don't forget your balls) to find what feels best, then "accent" those parts while you masturbate.


Try Rhythm-Focused Masturbation

If you know exactly what it takes to make yourself orgasm, it's easy to get stuck in a masturbation rut. "Experiment with rhythm and the exact same motion can feel very different," Rybchin says. "You can rub, tap, and penetrate. You can also slow down the particular rhythm in the buildup to prolong and extend the orgasm."


Change Up Your Position

Why stick with the same old lying-on-your-back routine when you can spend the day trying out fun new positions? "Don’t be afraid to move around or switch up your go-to position," Morse says. "If you’re usually flat on your back when masturbating, try doing it standing up, turning onto your stomach, or spreading your legs farther apart then closer together. Every new position allows you to reach orgasm in a different way, and may provide you with new sensations to choose from."


Play With A New Toy

Sex toys are a serious game-changer for both solo and partnered sex. "Whether you want to stimulate those often neglected erogenous zones, or just want to take your masturbation to the next level, I highly recommend adding a toy into the mix," Morse says.

If you're a sex toy novice, you can definitely benefit from the awesome sensations a vibrator adds to the mix, or you can get even more adventurous and try some butt-friendly toys. And speaking of your butt...


Bring Your Butt Into The Mix

What could be more fun than a little anal experimentation to spice up your sleepy snow day? Even if you're on the fence about butt stuff, there's no harm in giving that area a little attention while you masturbate to figure out if it's something that will enhance your pleasure in the future. Try massaging around your anus, or even inserting a finger or toy if you're feeling bold. Who knows — it might even make you interested in trying anal sex for the first time.

No matter how you like to masturbate, I think we can all agree that winter storm Stella's arrival is the perfect excuse to refine your technique and try some new stuff while you're at it.