7 Reasons To End A Friendship, According To Experts


No matter what your life looks like, it can be very hard to decide to end a friendship. After all, you've likely spent a good deal of time with this person and have made some great memories. But what's the line between having a difficult time in your friendship and a friend you shouldn't keep in your life?

Honestly, this is different for every person, so do your best to listen to your gut. "An issue that would be a deal breaker in some friendships may not be in others," Gina Handley Schmitt, MA, CMHS, LMHC, a psychotherapist with specialization in interpersonal distress and author of Friending: Creating Meaningful, Lasting Adult Friendships, tells Bustle. Maybe honesty in a friend is crucial to you, so a friend who you regularly catch lying to you is not someone you want to stay close to. Or maybe it's important to you that someone is willing to be present and support you at the times when you need them most.

Whatever your personal "line" is, an important part of making that decision is communicating your needs, she says. If your friend is consistently unwilling or unable to meet the needs that you have shared with them, then it might be time to reevaluate, she says. While it can be heartbreaking to let go of a friend, just do your best to remember that leaving them behind will free up energy to put into a healthier and more mutually satisfying relationship.

Here are some signs you should end a friendship, according to experts.