7 Positions That Are Worth The Effort

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Although we tend to believe that sex positions should be easy, the ones that require some work can certainly pay off in the end, too. For example, the more difficult the sex position, the more need for finagling, openness, and, of course, communication. It's in those moments where you're trying to tell your partner that they need to shift or lift or move or get more lube that people may truly connect because they're forced to open their mouths and say something. In fact, people who usually don't communicate during sex will, in certain positions, have no choice. It's then that the position becomes magic. That's right: Magic.

Even if you're not the most limber of people, you have to admit that the human body wants to move and stretch sometimes; it's made to bend and, sometimes, get into positions that can feel a bit awkward at first, positions that might not even seem all that sexy in theory. But it's when you step outside of your comfort zone and explore these positions that you realize that "OMG this position is the best; this position was made for me!"

So because sex is all about learning and evolving, here are seven positions that are absolutely worth the effort they require. (Remember, these positions work for two women as well).


Reverse Sitting

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How to do it: With your partner in chair and you facing away from them, sit in their lap. Next, if you haven't already, have them penetrate you from here.

Why it's worth the effort: This particular position requires a lot of thigh work on your part, which, yes, can feel exhausting. But it's worth it because both you and your partner get awesome deep penetration and there's definitely something sexy about grinding in your partner's lap. You know, like a lap dance!


Doggy With A Toy

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How to do it: Once you're in the traditional doggy style position, grab a sex toy and start to stimulate your clitoris.

Why it's worth the effort: Although your partner can stimulate your clit while you have both hands down, it's actually going to be easier for you to do it. What this means is that you'll be holding the upper part of your body up with just one arm, balancing yourself against your partner's thrusting. But considering the combo of the G-spot and clitoral stimulation could possibly result in a blended orgasm, it's totally worth the exhausted arm.


Bouncing Reverse Cowgirl

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How to do it: With your partner lying down flat, straddle them while facing away, and get to bouncing.

Why it's worth the effort: This particular position requires both leg and arm muscles. Use your arms and legs to move up and down. While it will definitely make you break a sweat, it's worth it because, for starters, you're in charge with this position and, secondly, it feels really good for both of you.


The Butterfly

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How to do it: While lying down on a flat surface (a bed is great for this), slide your butt to the edge. From here, have your partner pick up your hips, enter you, then hold your hips in place. You can rest your legs against your partner's shoulders.

Why it's worth the effort: Even if your partner is made of steel, it can be tiring to hold your body up, just as much as it can be tiring for you to put all your weight on your upper back and grind up against them. These two components aside, it's a great position because of the angle at which you're being penetrated and, if you're into being a bit on the submissive side, the fact that your partner is in control feels great.


Side 69

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How to do it: You can either start in traditional 69 and roll onto your sides or, if it's easier, starts on your sides, facing each other's groin, then go from there.

Why it's worth the effort: I know a lot of women who complain about the 69 position. And, believe me, I get how it can be a pain in the ass. But what makes this worth the effort is the chance that you and your partner could come together while orally stimulating each other.


The Bridge

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How to do it: Have your partner get on their knees in between your legs, so they're facing you. Next, lift your hips up so you're in line with each other. It will be your partner's job to make sure your body is held in place while they penetrate you.

Why it's worth the effort: Yes, this position puts pressure on the upper back and your partner has to hold your hips up, but similar to the butterfly position, you're being penetrated from a great angle and your arched back adds to this. Also, if you dig your foot into the ground (bed), you can grind in such a way to get some crazy good clitoral stimulation.


Seated Backbend

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How to do it: Start off on top of your partner. From here, you want to bend your knees and lie back down, as they sit up.

Why it's worth the effort: I'm the first to admit that the backbend isn't exactly comfortable, but if you look at the photo you'll notice that thanks to that backbend your clitoris is front and center. This gives your partner a great chance to reach down and stimulate it while you pull yourself into them even deeper by using their arms for leverage. Clitoral stimulation and major depth? Yes, please!

Before you shrug off a position that looks like it requires some work, I suggest you reconsider. You don't want to miss out on a great orgasm, just because of some weary thigh muscles.