9 Gross Beauty Problems All Women Have Dealt With

We've all had days where we feel like our beauty routine is against us. Whether your hair won't stay in place or your makeup has hit cake face status, beauty woes can ruin a perfectly good day, especially when things get messy. These nine gross beauty problems all women have dealt with are great examples of how disgusting beauty can get, but at least it's something we can all deal with together, and hopefully laugh at (when it's all cleaned up).

While summer presents its own unique set of beauty problems, there are some challenges that women face year-round. Whether it's the dreaded rash of chafed thighs or the constant inability to prevent pit stains from ruining your best white tee shirt, beauty problems are something everyone can identify with, and it's something we should talk about.

Too often, women may be expected to conceal the gross things they deal with on a regular basis. From painful blisters from new shoes to breakouts caused from dirty makeup brushes, sometimes gross beauty problems happen. But hey — they happen to everyone and it's totally normal. Let's talk about these gross beauty problems because no one should feel ashamed about any of them any longer.

1. Dandruff

Ezra Jeffery/Unsplash

Your love of dry shampoo to conceal your dirty could just be causing dandruff or encouraging it. No one wants those pesky white flakes all over their clothing and stuff in their hair.

2. Thigh Chafing

Kidizin Sane/Unsplash

When warmer weather comes around, a beauty woe we all face is chafing. Thankfully, there are some clever ways to prevent this gross beauty problem.

3. Pit Stains

Ihor Malytskyi/Unsplash

Whether from wearing too much deodorant or a natural propensity for sweat, pit stains are the worst. They'll stain your clothes, and they're honestly not cute.

4. Oil Slick Makeup

Kaci Baum/Unsplash

No one lies the feeling of touching their face and oil, worn down makeup coming off onto your hand. Then, there's the unfortunate transfer factor. Let's all give a round of applause to blotting products.

5. Blisters

Tirza van Dijk

From sandals to adorable sneakers all sorts of shoes can lead to horrible, unsightly blisters that aren't simply gross, but they're also super painful.

6. Lip Gloss Hair

Eli Defaria/Unsplash

This may be a personal pet peeve, but nothing grosses me out more than sticky lip gloss getting stuck in my hair after it blows into my face. Not only does it kill my glossy lip look, but my hair just isn't the same.

7. Under Nail Cleanup

Kris Atomic/Unsplash

When doing your own nails, cleaning underneath them may be one of the grossest things you do, and it should be done daily. Honestly, while you know where your hands have been, there's still something so gross about prying dirt from underneath your nail.

8. Dirty Makeup Brushes

Alysa Bajenaru/Unsplash

I applaud those who routinely wash their makeup brushes. However, when it comes to gross beauty problems, this is one of the worst. Trapped bacteria and breakouts are only two of the gross results from dirty brushes. No one wants that.

9. Crusty Makeup

Cristian Newman/Unsplash

Whether it's after a long day or you just forgot to clean your face thoroughly the night before, crusty makeup is no joke. From mascara that has basically trapped your eyes shut to a lipstick smear on your pillow, crusty makeup is a friend to no woman.

If you're suffering from your own gross beauty problems, just know that you're not alone. There's a lot of unfortunate lady problems to go around, but at least, we can all commiserate together.