9 Millennial Pink Sex Toys That'll Make Your Dreams Come True


There's something innately beautiful about the concept of female masturbation: it's a way for women to explore their bodies, get in tune with their sexual desires, and experience serious pleasure in the process. And, while it might sound silly to some, having access to pretty, feminine sex toys — as opposed to some of the clunky, badly designed sex toys of years past — has actually been key in helping women feel even more empowered to explore their sexuality through masturbation.

"Over the last decade, our culture has begun waking up and challenging the stigma that has plagued this category for so long," Ti Chang, co-founder and VP of design at sex toy Crave, tells Bustle. "With the rise of women across the globe in various movements, women are also demanding serious design and consideration for products for intimacy. So the design of sex toys is evolving to meet the design and manufacturing standards of other modern consumer products. Why should a product for pleasure be any less beautiful or functional than any other everyday product?"

If you're given the choice between a sex toy that you'd feel the need to hide in a box deep in your closet or one that's aesthetically pleasing, it's kind of a no-brainer. Having a sex toy that's equal parts fashion and function can make the idea of masturbation even more enticing — and what could be cuter than a sex toy in our generation's signature color? If you're in the market for a beautiful but powerful new sex toy, here are nine millennial pink sex toys to try.


Unbound Squish

True to its name, this cute pink sex toy from Unbound is indeed squishy: the harder you squeeze the toy, the stronger the vibrations. The Squish is a quiet yet powerful clitoral vibe that lets you customize your own vibration patterns, and is even waterproof in case shower masturbation is your jam.


Amour Dual G Wand

If you're looking for a little G-spot stimulation, the Amour Dual G Wand could be a great companion during your solo sessions. The curvy shaft is contoured to stimulate the G-spot, and is soft and flexible enough to move with your body. It has an external vibrator as well, and boasts seven vibration modes and five speeds.


Unbound Bender

This slim, flexible toy is another amazing option if you're looking for both internal and external stimulation. Unbound's Bender multi-speed vibrator is waterproof and body-safe, so you're free to use it anywhere you so please — even on your hidden erogenous zones.


Rose Bud by Chakrubs

Who says a sex toy needs to be able to vibrate in order to make you feel amazing? The Rose Bud Yoni Egg by Chakrubs is a pretty-in-pink crystal toy whose benefits include: stimulating your sensual imagination, raising your self-esteem, and helping you better understand your emotions.


Toyfriend Smooth Snazzy

Looking for a toy that specifically focuses on clitoral stimulation? Toyfriend's Smooth Snazzy vibrator has soft ridges that envelop the clitoris and surround it with feel-good vibrations — all you have to do is put it in place and choose from one of four vibration modes.


Avant Sexy In Pink

If you consider yourself a sex toy traditionalist — meaning you don't require any bells or whistles — this simple but nonetheless adorable dildo is a great option. The Avant Sexy In Pink dildo is hand-crafted to be sleek and modern, boasts an insertable length of seven inches, and can be used either with a harness or on its own thanks to its suction cup base.


Unbound Tsk

Feeling a little kinky? Unbound's Tsk is a millennial pink, patent leather paddle (complete with silky silicone tassels, too) that's perfect for anyone who likes to get a little naughty — whether that's solo or with a partner.


Iroha Minamo by Tenga

This soft, smooth, and flexible vibrator by Tenga can be used both internally and externally, and has three different vibration speeds to choose from. Plus, it's waterproof up to 20 inches, so you're free to make it your new shower companion.


Unbound Zip Vibe

Last but not least is this cute, tiny, beginner-friendly vibrator from Unbound. The Zip Vibe is a small but mighty bullet vibe with a tip that's great for targeted stimulation — and it even comes with a battery so you can start using it ASAP, no trip to the drug store required.

Even if millennial pink isn't your favorite color, there's no denying that just having the option to get a cute yet functional sex toy is seriously empowering. No matter what toy you choose, what really matters is that it makes you feel excited about exploring your body — whether that's on your own through masturbation or during sex with a partner.