Aldi Is Launching Belgian Waffles That Ooze Chocolate, This Is Not A Drill

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HOLY WAFFLES OF JOY. There's never really a bad time for a waffle. Unlike pancakes, which I can only eat about 10 bites of until I'm over it, waffles are the kind of food you can eat for days. Not only are they the perfect mixture of chewy and delicious, they also are covered in those little squares perfect for filling up with syrup, jam, or any deliriously sweet topping you could possibly want. But what could make waffles even better? Well, I proudly introduce to you Aldi's chocolate-filled Belgian waffles. That's right — why have just boring ol' waffles with just goodies on top, like some kind of fool. Now you can get the good stuff right in the middle of your waffle, maximizing your topping-to-waffle capacity and, ultimately, your happiness.

It's no secret that Aldi is the place for quality products at a hefty discount — making it perfect for people like me who love food more than my wallet will allow. These Specially Selected Chocolate-Filled Belgian Waffles come in packs of four and are designed to be kept frozen — then you can cook them either by thawing them first or, in cases of waffle emergencies, straight from frozen. And every morning is a waffle emergency, in my humble opinion.

They'll be on sale from June 26, so keep your eyes peeled — and they are also offering Specially Selected Cherry-Filled Belgian Waffles, if you're not a chocolate person. I'm just taking a moment to digest that that is even a possibility. Packs of four will retail for $3.99 so, at a buck a waffle, it's definitely a bargain.

Of course, if you really want to have a slow and easy weekend morning, making your own waffles can be incredibly rewarding. And by rewarding, I mean delicious. There are plenty of cheap waffle makers out there that will help you throw together a fancy brunch for one in a flash. Or, if you want to go a little fancier, you can go for an actual Belgian waffle maker, which will basically allow you to feel like you're running your own cooking show every time you make breakfast (just be sure to narrate every step to yourself and your audience, armed with a mimosa and a fake smile). But you could always just go to the best brunch spot near you and let someone else do the work.

Aldi definitely delivers for chocolate lovers and sweet tooth havers. The chain is the brains behind chocolate wine, after all. But don't think that it's only limited to sweet offerings — Aldi shows savory lovers some attention, too. The chain launched Aldi's Everything Croissant, aka your favorite bagel flavor in croissant form, which I thought was a moment of pure inspiration. Aldi also loves a good cheese spread, so there's no shortage of savory options, if that's what you're hankering for.

Belgian waffles may seem like a once-in-a-while treat, because they can be pretty finicky to make on your own — but Aldi just made it a lot easier to get your waffle hit on the reg. Easy to make, easy to eat, there's just one question left for you to answer — chocolate or cherry?

(Chocolate. The answer is clearly chocolate.)

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