Why Caitlin Is Bound To Get Caught In The Middle Of The Blake Drama On 'BiP'

Rick Rowell/ABC

Colton may not have had a strong connection with her during his season of The Bachelor, but Caitlin is going to try to find love again on the beach. She didn't have a lot of time to highlight her personality since Colton dumped her in Week 3. But Caitlin's Instagram from Bachelor in Paradise helps to give some insight into her personality. With only 136 posts ahead of her Bachelor in Paradise arrival, Caitlin doesn't post on Instagram too frequently. However, her social media presence shows that she might be well-prepared to handle the drama that already exists on Bachelor in Paradise Season 6.

Ahead of the third week of Bachelor in Paradise, there was already plenty of drama between Blake and Caelynn, Kristina, Hannah G., and Tayshia. Most of the debate in the first episodes was over how Blake hooked up with both Kristina and Caelynn at the Stagecoach music festival. Stagecoach is a major destination for Bachelor Nation and Caitlin was there too hanging with some Bachelor buds based on her Instagram. Although she only posted a photo of herself on her personal Instagram, Caitlin spent time with Tayshia and Kirpa too, according to a post Kirpa shared. Another snap showed her with Heather, Katie, and fellow Canadian from Colton's season Alex B.

Caitlin is evidently a fan of music festivals since she also went to Lollapalooza in August. But she might have been drawn to Stagecoach due to the reality TV connection since she has maintained relationships with Bachelor Nation members. Ahead of The Women Tell All, she posted a photo with Alex B. and Demi and wrote, "Re-united with my girls for a night full of drama." She also posted a throwback photo from that night with Alex again and Bri. And while there's no evidence of this on her Instagram, Caitlin did see someone from Bachelor Nation. Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise villain Chad Johnson told Life & Style that he was dating Caitlin. But after Chad accused her of kissing someone else in front him, Caitlin clarified to Us Weekly, "In no way did our shared time constitute a committed relationship."

Besides Stagecoach and her time in the Bachelor Nation dating pool, Caitlin is prepared for Paradise due to her recent travels. As the Toronto resident wrote in a post by the Santa Monica Pier, "I'll take sand over snow any day." And she has stayed waterside after filming Bachelor in Paradise since in July she posted a photo of her riding a boat in the lake-filled Canadian district of Muskoka and traveling to Costa Rica.

Colton sent Caitlin home after the "Bachelor's Strongest Woman" competition because he didn't feel a spark with her. But she's getting a second chance on Paradise, complete with a date card. From Bachelor in Paradise previews, it looks like Caitlin might ask Dean on a date. But as Dean and Caelynn seemed to have an immediate connection and might be dating post-Paradise, her second chance might be even shorter than her first time on the franchise. But you can always follow Caitlin on Instagram to get updates on her life through her Highlighted Stories, like how her adorable dog is doing or where she'll be traveling to next. Because Caitlin doesn't need a date by her side to have a good time.