'Beauty & The Beast' Is Coming To 'The Bachelor'

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

So, dreams really do come true. I mean, they really, really do, you guys, because Beauty And The Beast is about to meet The Bachelor and here's why it makes total sense. As a lead up to soon-to-be released live-action adaptation of the fantasy animation Beauty and the Beast, Disney has decided to cross pollinate, revealing that cast members of the classic's reboot will, in fact, take part in an upcoming episode of the everyone's favorite reality-based fairytale, The Bachelor, according to information that the Sun Insider shared with ScreenRant.com.

Not only is Disney the parent company that holds ABC (the network that airs The Bachelor) under its huge entertainment umbrella, but the animated film also shares some pretty interesting parallels with the weekly televised reality series. There's no doubt that everyone loves a good fairytale romance, right? And one thing's for sure: Disney certainly has a proven track record of creating some the most heartwarming, happily-ever-after stories to ever hit both large and small screens worldwide.

I mean, it doesn't take much to see that both stories essentially begin with young, and oftentimes unrequited, love that quickly turns into a mutually beneficial romance between the prince/bachelor and an unsuspecting beauty, as they attempt to dodge the undermining of a treacherous villain (á la Season 21's woman that everyone loves to hate, Corinne Olympios) along the way. As an added parallel, both tales also ironically feature red roses as a common theme and symbol of affection. How's that for coincidence?

The live-action film, set to hit theaters on March 17, features Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as Beast, Josh Gad as Le Fou, Beast's loyal sidekick, and Luke Evans as narcissistic villain, Gaston, and according to reports, the plan is to bring Evans and Gad into the Season 21 fold of the omnipresent dating game. Bustle has reached out to ABC for comment about what role the Beauty and the Beast stars will play on The Bachelor, but has not received a response at the time of publication.

Evans and Gad will host the Monday, Jan. 30 episode of The Bachelor. And, while it hasn't been confirmed exactly what will take place during their visit to the mansion, it appears that the gentlemen will somehow lend their support to current bachelor, Nick Viall as he continues on his quest for love.

I'll definitely be tuned in.