Why Becca & Garrett Still Haven't Set A Date For Their 'Bachelorette' Wedding

Paul Hebert/ABC

Bachelor Nation is currently captivated with how Colton's season will end, but his finale is also a good time to reminisce about how much has happened since the previous Bachelor finale. Becca Kufrin found happiness with Garrett Yrigoyen after Arie Luyendyk Jr. ended their engagement, but when Becca and Garrett will get married isn't settled yet.

This couple met on her season of The Bachelorette and Garrett even competed against Colton for Becca's affections. In the midst of all this Chris Harrison-approved drama, Becca and Garrett appear to be happily engaged since her Bachelorette season wrapped up. They even have been cheering on Colton's search for love. But the pair has made it clear that they are in no rush to set a wedding date.

For the first part of The Bachelor finale on Monday, March 11, Reality TV World reported that Garrett will appear with former Bachelor Ben Higgins and his fellow former contestants Blake Horstmann and Jason Tartick. Colton, Jason, Blake, and Garrett were Becca's final four, but all of that is water under the bridge as the men will share their thoughts on what Colton has been going through with Cassie leaving. Out of those four men, Garrett has the most show-specific advice to offer to Colton since he's still in a committed relationship courtesy of the franchise. As Garrett and Becca's Instagrams indicate, they are having a blast living that engaged life.

Despite a beautiful but befuddling photo shoot from December 2018 that made it look like Becca and Garrett were already married, they currently have no plans for their own wedding day. In an interview from December 2018, Becca and Garrett told Us Weekly they nothing was set for their wedding. "No dates, no months, no venue," Becca said, adding that they "honestly" don't "have any" plans.

But, as they have been engaged for nearly a year, they do have some thoughts on the day. "The only thing that we've talked about that we want are food trucks," Becca said. "I want a great taco truck and a ton of Skee-Ball machines so everyone can just play games." And Garrett shared that he has been thinking what time of year the shindig would go down. "I would say the fall of whatever year we choose because she loves the fall," Garrett said.

Becca also spoke to People in December of last year about wedding planning. Again, she confirmed that their wedding is "very far in the future." She said, "We have some ideas of things that we would want, but nothing — no dates, no venues, or anything yet. We'll give it some time. One thing at a time." Since then, they haven't given any updates on their wedding.

Instead, what they have been focused on is moving to the San Diego area together. Becca is from Minnesota and Garrett was living in Nevada, so they spent months traveling back and forth and being unsettled. Becca noted to People that Garrett's brother and sister-in-law live just north of San Diego and according to Instagram, the couple has found a place in Carlsbad, California. Since their move in early 2019, they have been enjoying the California lifestyle.

With their move, it marks the first time that Becca and Garrett can be settled in their own space — and that's a pretty big relationship milestone without adding wedding planning on top of it. Plus, their timeline isn't that out of the ordinary for how most recent Bachelorette couples handle things. Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth were engaged since 2015 until they broke up in November 2018. JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers got engaged in 2016 and revealed this February that they are just starting to plan their wedding. And Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo have been engaged since 2017 and are getting married in August 2019.

Meanwhile, Becca's ex-fiancé Arie and Lauren Burnham were engaged less than a year when they got married in January 2019. Not to mention, they were the first couple from The Bachelor to stay together since Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, who tied the knot in 2014. Bachelorettes have historically had more success than Bachelors when it comes to finding lasting love on the show. So it's interesting to see how the recent set of Bachelorettes have been adjusting to the real world slowly (well, "slowly" in relation to the pace of the show) with the men they chose.

Whenever they do get hitched, Becca discussed that she's open to the possibility of a televised wedding in her December interview with Us Weekly. "I think we'll cross that bridge when it comes. I'd be happy if we decided to and I'd be happy about it being really private too," she said.

If they do eventually decide to broadcast their nuptials, it will be a long way off, so you may need your Becca fix now. And besides moving her whole life to the Pacific Coast, she revealed that she will be releasing her own clothing line soon, so look out for that if you love her style.

Now that she's a California girl, Becca will also be a special guest panelist at RuPaul's DragCon LA in May. Then, in June, you can go fishing with Garrett in Canada for a week.

With their recent move, these events scheduled for the late spring, and Becca's new company, it definitely doesn't look like a fall 2019 wedding is in the cards. And while that may disappoint fans of the couple who are anxious for another epic chapter in their love story, they're doing what they do need to do and that's all that matters. As Colton's current Bachelor season is a brutal reminder of, each couple should take their relationship at the pace they are comfortable with. So for now, it seems that Becca and Garrett are comfortable to be basking in the California sun as they continue to hit other relationship milestones rather than rush to the altar.