Bekah M. & Kendall's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Comments Will Make You So Ready For The Next Season

They may not have received the final rose from Arie, but Bekah M. and Kendall's Bachelor in Paradise feelings make it clear they're still open to looking for love — and hanging out in — Bachelor Nation. In a new interview with Vulture, two of the standout contestants of The Bachelor Season 22 spilled on everything from what it was like behind-the-scenes on Arie's season to how they feel about being part of the franchise moving forward.

While Bekah M. makes it clear she's not ready to be the Bachelorette anytime soon, Kendall is open to the idea — but that's the future. The next big event in the franchise after the current season of The Bachelorette ends, is Bachelor in Paradise. And while casting has yet to begin, if ABC comes calling, there's a good chance both women will be heading to Mexico this summer. Bekah M. told Vulture,

"They just started reaching out to people. We'll probably be on it. We're excited because who knows who's going to be coming from Becca's season."

Kendell's only concern is that Bachelor Nation's shipping habits might add extra pressure to any romance that might blossom in Paradise. Both women noted that they've already noticed fans rooting for them to end up with men from past seasons of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor. The taxidermy enthusiast explained,

"Something funny is that people always try to pair you up with previous contestants or people who are in the Bachelor world. I've had so many people say, Kendall and Peter should date or Kendall and Ben should date."

As for who the world wants to see Bekah M. with? A member of Bachelor Nation who had to defend his age during his time on The Bachelorette, Dean — a scenario that she's all too familiar with.

Even though the reality of dating someone within the franchise can be intimidating, it's nice to know that Bekah M. and Kendall are open to the prospect of joining Bachelor in Paradise. The last season of the show faced its share of controversy, and it's in desperate need of a new direction. ABC seems to be aware that some changes need to be made, and that may involve shaking up the invitation process.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise may include international Bachelors. Given how popular the franchise is the world over, there are plenty of versions of the show beyond the American one, and they can turn up some seriously enticing contestants.

Robert Mills, ABC’s Senior VP Alternative Series & Late-Night Programming, told EW of the prospect of making Bachelor in Paradise more global, "It's absolutely something that we are aiming to do." Even though he couldn't confirm which contestants might be in the running, just the idea of seeing a few less-than-familiar faces to American audiences is exciting — and it would probably only add to the fun for Bekah M. and Kendall.

Face it, even the most diehard member of Bachelor Nation might be in need of a little extra motivation to get excited for Bachelor in Paradise this summer, and if anything is going to do the trick, it's going to be Bekah M. and Kendall. Forget about roses and romance, these two have a wonderful friendship and two big, quirky personalities that are a joy to watch.

They wouldn't even need to be actively pursuing love to make their time in Mexico memorable. They could do that just by being themselves. Add in an extra layer of fun by including international members of Bachelor Nation, and ABC might just have the makings for a winning season. All they need to do now is call up Bekah M. and Kendall, and make their invites official.