Here's The Scoop On Bekah M.'s Dating Life Post-'Bachelor'

Paul Hebert/ABC

During and after The Bachelor, Bekah Martinez has had to defend her readiness for marriage due to her young age. Yet, now that she's not with Arie anymore, she can date as seriously or casually as she chooses, so is Bekah M. dating anyone after The Bachelor? While Bekah fans may have been holding out hope that she'd become the next Bachelorette, Chris Harrison indicated that Bekah might be on Bachelor In Paradise instead.

Still, even if she does show up on BiP, she has time to date outside of The Bachelor franchise before then. However, her social media indicates that Bekah is single after The Bachelor and based on interviews, she's very happy with her current relationship status and intends to stay single for the time being.

Arie made it clear from the get-go that he was searching for a wife on The Bachelor. And when he found out that Bekah was 22, he immediately jumped to the conclusion that she wasn't ready for marriage based on her age. It became a point of contention not just between Bekah and Arie, who were the two people actually in the relationship, but also between Bekah and her fellow contestants. Bekah has made it clear on her social media how frustrating the focus on her age has been. She particularly took issue with how Tia questioned her readiness for marriage.

With her time on The Bachelor over, the question of marriage isn't as much of a hot topic when it comes to Bekah. But it doesn't look like she's casually dating anyone now either. On Feb. 14, Bekah posted a photo of herself and wrote, "Happy Valentine's Day from me— a strong independent woman who don't need no man. Who sometimes has crazy hair." She also tweeted on Valentine's Day that she was "single as hell, but so filled with love."

Two weeks later, she confirmed again that she was single in a post dedicated to Kendall. After the episode aired where Arie sent Kendall home, Bekah wrote, "The single girls' club gained another angel last night." She included a photo of her and Kendall at Venice Beach in Los Angeles. Based on their social media accounts, these California girls are friends and have continued to hang out after The Bachelor.

During the taping of The Women Tell All, Bekah explained her current position on dating to Variety. "I don't know if I would be ready to pursue a relationship with people yet," Bekah said. "Not because I'm not ready for a relationship but because I'm kind of savoring the moment right now of just being me. It's the first time I've really gotten a chance to do that."

But if Chris Harrison has anything to say about it, Bekah could be dating again in a few months. The Bachelor host mentioned at The Women Tell All that Bekah could be on Season 5 of Bachelor In Paradise. Apparently, though, that was the first time Bekah heard about her potential involvement. "I haven't talked to anybody about being on Paradise at all," Bekah told Entertainment Tonight during a Facebook Live interview on Feb. 26. "There has been literally no discussion about Paradise except with Chris Harrison on stage, on camera, so I don't know if that's going to happen." Although her appearance is far from confirmed, Bekah did say she thinks she would do Paradise. "I think it would be fun," she told ET.

Bachelor In Paradise traditionally airs August to September. And The Hollywood Reporter noted that the filming of BiP Season 4 was originally scheduled to occur June 1 to 27 (that was before production was temporarily suspended). If BiP Season 5 follows a similar production schedule, then Bekah would have about three months to continue "savoring the moment" of just being her before dating on national television again.

Although Bekah is currently single and embracing that, she still stands by the fact that she could have been ready for marriage on The Bachelor — and that Arie necessarily isn't. "I think I'm more ready for marriage than Arie is, quite honestly," Bekah also told ET during her Facebook Live interview. "I don't think Arie knows what he wants, and I don't think he's serious about being with one person for the rest of his life."

No matter what becomes of Bekah's relationship status down the line (like, say, she starts dating Peter Kraus?), her sense of self seems like it will continue to remain intact. And after her time on The Bachelor, she's rightfully choosing to put her focus on herself and enjoy this exciting time in her life.