Not All Parts Of Jaclyn Hill's Morphe Vault Collection Will Be Sold At Ulta

Beauty lovers, rejoice! It's official. The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault collection has officially launched, and you can now snag even more Hill approved shadows for your collection. While it has been a somewhat rocky road to get to this day, Hill and Morphe have assured their customers that these palettes are the best of the best. Now, it's time for you to get shopping, but the question is where to do it. There's a key detail you need to know before making your decision.

As fans may know, there's more than one place to shop the new Vault Collection. When the original Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette launched, it did so solely at Morphe online and in Morphe stores. Later, when Morphe announced its incorporation into Ulta stores, the Jaclyn Hill palette came too. This time in new packaging.

That's not the case for the new Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection. Instead, these four shadow palettes launched in Ulta stores and Ulta online today, at the same time that the palettes went live with Morphe. There is however, one key element missing, and a major part of the latest collaboration that actually won't be available at Ulta.

On Tuesday morning before the palettes officially launched, Hill took to her Instagram account to celebrate the day and talk to her fans. She dropped a little bit of info when she did. While yes, you can shop all four of the individual palettes on the Ulta website, you can't shop the bundle. That's right. The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection bundle is not being sold at Ulta.

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Bling Boss Eyeshadow Palette, $15, Ulta

That doesn't mean that you can't buy all four palettes separately. You can. If you've got Ulta reward points you can redeem, it could end up being worth it to do so. However, if you're determined to support Hill to the fullest and snag all four of the palettes, shopping Morphe directly may be the way to go.

Why? Morphe's bundle doesn't just guarantee you the super cute sleeve that's home to all of the shadows. There's also a discount. Shopping the Vault collection individually means you pay $60 for all four. If you purchase the bundle from Morphe, you'll pay $49. Then, you can add the affiliate code of your favorite influencer (including Hill) and save an additional 10 percent off your purchase.

If only one or two of the palettes caught your eye, though, Ulta shopping is totally fair game. Keep in mind, too, that Morphe also sells the product individually. If that's how you're choosing to shop the new Jaclyn Hill x Morphe collab, you've got your pick of places to shop it.

If, however, you're longing for all four of the gorgeous new palettes and want to support Hill by owning each color way, Morphe is the only place you can snag the bundle for a discount. Ulta will not be selling them together. Ultimately, though, the decision of where to shop is yours. As long as you get those shadows in your hands, it may not even matter.