Chris Pratt Texted Anna Faris About His Engagement, Proving Exes Really *Can* Get Along

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Believe it or not, but exes really can get along — and here's proof. Chris Pratt texted Anna Faris about his engagement to Katherine Schwarzenegger in a move that shows great respect. During her Unqualified podcast on Tuesday, People reported Faris commented on Pratt proposing to Schwarzenegger and further revealed how much the former husband and wife continue to support one another.

"Sweet Chris, my ex, got engaged to Katherine today and I’m so happy for them," Faris began. "I knew that it was gonna happen, and I love her and I love him. I’m just so happy that they found each other."

Then, she opened up about the text he sent her the morning after the Guardians of the Galaxy star popped the question to his now-fiancée. Faris said,

"Chris texted me this morning and he was like, you know, I proposed to Katherine last night. And I was like ahhh, that’s amazing. And I texted him back like, just want to remind you I’m an ordained minister!"

Between Pratt wanting to reveal the happy news to Faris himself and the Mom star reacting so positively proves there are no hard feelings between them post-split. Plus, Pratt and Faris broke up in August 2017 after eight years of marriage, so they've both have had time to move on and find a place where they can both co-parent their son, Jack, and support each other happily.

Early Monday morning, Pratt announced his engagement to Schwarzengger, who he was first connected to romantically in June 2018. Next to an Instagram photo with the author, the Marvel actor wrote, "Sweet Katherine, so happy you said yes! I’m thrilled to be marrying you. Proud to live boldly in faith with you. Here we go!"

Schwarzenegger shared the same photo as Pratt on Instagram and posted, "My sweet love. Wouldn’t want to live this life with anyone but you."

Before opening up on her podcast, Faris commented on Pratt's engagement photo by writing, "I'm so happy for you both!! Congratulations!"

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The comedian is genuinely overjoyed for the newly-engaged couple. As Faris said on Unqualified,

"I do want to congratulate Chris and Katherine. I do love you and congratulations and I’m thrilled. They’re both f*cking amazing people and I’m so happy."

Faris also revealed why she wanted to briefly discuss Pratt and Schwarzenegger's news publicly. She said that "the reason we're talking about it is because I do feel the need to just have my voice heard on the matter." It's important for the actor to make it clear that there are no hard feelings between the former spouses. "The truth is there isn’t any bitterness, and I’m just so happy that we’re all really happy," she noted.

It's wonderful for not only Faris, Pratt, and Schwarzenegger's sake that they all get along so well, but even more so for Jack. He is clearly surrounded by so much love and positivity, which has to be an amazing feeling. The way Faris and Pratt continue to treat each other with the utmost amount of support and respect deserves a round of applause.