'The Bachelor's Colton & Cassie Shared Yet Another Relationship Milestone On IG

Heidi Gutman/ ABC

For months, Colton Underwood had to keep quiet about his relationship with Cassie Randolph to prevent spoilers while his season of The Bachelor was still airing. Nowadays, Colton is all about the public displays of affection. On Sunday, March 17, Colton shared another relationship milestone on Instagram: his "first kiss in a bar." Apparently, that's a thing — or at least it is for Colton. Sure, it's not a "typical" relationship highlight, but Colton is just living his best life right now. He's finally free to be public about his relationship with Cassie and how excited he is. And, yes, this excitement includes kissing in a bar. (Also, who took this photo anyway?)

Along with a black-and-white photo, Colton wrote, "PDA is gross, but this was my first kiss in a bar." Good for them. After dealing with the past couple weeks of Bachelor fans (and Chris Harrison) wondering if Cassie was even into Colton, no one can blame Colton for wanting to share their relationship on social media. They've shared enough photos and videos in less than a week's time to more than compensate for the last few weeks of The Bachelor season when Cassie admitted she wasn't in love and temporarily left the show.

And that bar smooch isn't the only thing Colton has shared on social media since the finale aired. But to be fair, Colton warned everyone that this would happen.

On March 12, Colton tweeted, "I have 4 months worth of photos from our relationship and I’m not going to apologize for posting all of them this week." And realistically, the posting will continue for a lot longer than one week.

However, there was one slight hiccup in the love fest. On March 13, the day after the Bachelor Season 23 finale, Instagram was down for hours. There were a lot of people freaking out about this and Colton was one of them. Colton even tweeted Instagram because he wanted to "post a few more pictures of us to be annoying/show her off."

Eventually, Instagram was working again and Colton was able to share as many PDA-filled photos as his heart desires. On March 16, Colton shared a photo kissing Cassie on the cheek. This was while her dad Matt Randolph smiled right next to them. That's a far cry from their awkward meeting on the show and the time Matt flew to Portugal to stop Cassie from getting engaged.

Before returning to California, Colton shared a photo of him and Cassie snuggling during their mid-flight nap on March 15. And in case anyone was wondering who snapped this photo, Colton responded to a fan in the comments and said, "our babysitter... aka a producer." So, who will take the kissing and cuddling pictures now that The Bachelor has wrapped?

Even if no one snaps any new photos of the duo for a while, Colon seems to have an ample stash of material, just in case he feels like posting something. In a March 14 Instagram, Colton revealed, "I have 1,000 professional photos of us now... but I still love these polaroids and simple moments."

Now that Colton and Cassie are free to see each other without wearing disguises, they will get to spend more time in public, and they will probably kiss in plenty more bars.