Every Perfectly Cheesy Musical Number In 'Fuller House' Season 5

Candace Cameron Bure as D.J. and John Brotherton as Matt in Fuller House Season 5

Spoilers ahead for Fuller House Season 5 Part A. The Tanner house is always full of song — even more so since D.J.'s Fuller family and Kimmy's Gibbler family have taken up residence in Fuller House. The first half of the final season is no exception with five major musical moments in Fuller House Season 5. While that amount of musical songs may seem small compared to season's past, there is still another half of Fuller House to go before the family says farewell for good on Netflix. And these musical moments will give fans something to sing about as they wait for the end of the series.

As Kimmy Gibbler proclaims to Stephanie's new baby Dani in the first episode of Fuller House Season 5, in the Tanner-Fuller-Gibbler house "there's lots of hugging and singing and dancing — and that's just at breakfast." In Full House, the majority of the music moments came via Uncle Jesse and his Rippers, but song and dance is equal opportunity in the reboot. So whether it was through an elaborate dance number, an original song, an homage to the She-Wolf's favorite boy band, a cameo by a celebrity singer-songwriter, or a musical number to celebrate a major life event, here are the five ways Fuller House celebrated family through song.


The Return Of 'Dancing With The Stars'


In "Moms' Night Out," D.J., Kimmy, Steph, and new addition Gia head to Club Euphoria to recreate their She-Wolf pack night out from Season 1. The gang is let down when they learn dancing has been outlawed in the San Francisco club — yes, like in Footloose. But things start to look up when brothers Maksim and Val Chmerkovskiy from Dancing with the Stars show up as they did in the first season of Fuller House. Cameron Bure had been a DWTS alum at the time, but since then, Sweetin and Fernando actor Juan Pablo Di Pace have added the ballroom dance competition show to their résumés as well. (Fun fact: Ramona actor Soni Nicole Bringas once performed on Dancing with the Stars too — but not as a celebrity competitor.) So after D.J. uses her notary power to re-allow dancing at the club, the gang performs a number to Kenny Loggins' "Footloose."


Stephanie’s Song To Dani


For "The Mayor's Bird," Steve helps Stephanie realize that having a child doesn't mean she has to give up on her dream of a fulfilling career. Following her song "Boy Next Door" in Season 2 and "You Bring Me Luck" in Season 3, Stephanie is inspired to write a song about her baby daughter Dani. She sings a sweet song about throwing a penny in a wishing well and how Dani was the wish she wanted. Besides Stephanie's dabbling in the children's music world, a tranquilized Matt sings the Full House theme song because it makes him "feel happy inside."

[karen—any way to confirm the name of Steph's song? It wasn't in the credits]


"Your Kids On The Block"


Bringas gets to show off her moves in "D.J.'s Amazing 40th Birthday Race" when Steve enlists Ramona, Max, Jackson, Tommy, and dog Cosmo to perform as "Your Kids on the Block" for D.J.'s 40th birthday. Unfortunately, D.J. was hoping for an engagement and not child-and-animal knockoffs of her favorite boy band. But hey, after New Kids of the Block's cameo from Season 2, this birthday performance brings the show full circle. Plus, my lip-sync, it was adorable to watch the kids do the "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" choreography like their moms have recreated before on the series.


Lisa Loeb's Children Song


There's nothing quite like a real-life singer stepping into your sister's vet clinic to help kick off your music career, as Stephanie learns in "Five Dates with Kimmy Gibbler." Lisa Loeb, who gained major fame in the '90s with her song "Stay (I Missed You)" from Reality Bites, brings her cat to D.J. and Matt's vet clinic. While there, she performs her new song "Sing Out," that Queerty reported she wrote as a pride anthem for National Coming Out Day. As Stephanie points out, Loeb recently won the Best Children's Album for her album Feel What U Feel. So D.J. cons Loeb to come back for Stephanie to perform her wishing well song for her. It leads Loeb to harmonize with Steph and offer her a chance to open for some of her upcoming tour dates, so Loeb could return in the second half of Season 5.


Steve's Engagement


D.J. might not have gotten her big proposal on her 40th birthday, but she gets an engagement flash mob performance to Bleachers' "Let's Get Married" in the midseason finale, "A Modest Proposal." The gang came up with a plan so that Steve could surprise D.J. with his proposal. D.J. thought she was organizing Fernando's re-engagement to Kimmy when she was instead planning her own. Uncle Jesse, Joey, and Danny join in on the fun for the finale with Stamos showing off his guitar skills.

Now, D.J., Kimmy, and Stephanie are engaged and there's bound to be a big musical number at their joint wedding. So the She-Wolf pack is guaranteed to sing and dance again when the second half of Fuller House returns in 2020.