Every Song & Dance Number In 'Fuller House' Season 4


Just like in the original Full House, the Fuller House gang loves their hugs, their heart-to-heart talks, and their hokey jokes. And they also love to sing and dance. Fuller House Season 4 is full of musical numbers that dare you not to smile and may even have you shedding a sentimental tear. Just like in seasons past, every character is game to perform in the fourth season of the Netflix series and it truly proves that the family that sings and dances together, stays together.

Just like John Stamos' Uncle Jesse did in Full House, Jodie Sweetin's Stephanie usually leads the group when it comes to the amount of songs sung. (While Jesse had "Forever," Steph had "The Boy Next Door.") But that's not so much the case in Season 4 with D.J. and Steve kicking off the musical numbers in the second episode with "Perfect Sons." Following that, there appears to be a pattern that all of the even-numbered episodes of the season have at least one performance. So although you may have been hoping for a kid-led song, like Season 3's "Best Summer Ever," or to see Juan Pablo Di Pace as Fernando show off all those moves he mastered on Dancing with the Stars, Fuller House still gave viewers plenty of magical musical moments in Season 3.


D.J. & Steve's Musical Number


While on their first official date since getting back together, D.J. and Steve channel La La Land by performing a musical number in California traffic. Unlike Di Pace, Candace Cameron Bure does get to show off her DWTS skills (like she did in Season 1) in this lighthearted number. Now, if only they had thrown in a line about how Scott Weinger didn't get to do his own singing in Aladdin and it would have been perfect.


Sunshine Stephanie's Vegetable Song


Stephanie decides to suck it up and perform at children's parties now that she's going to be a mother. But the children's persona she picks, Sunshine Stephanie, just doesn't jive with the kids in "Ghosted." Like D.J. says, kids can spot phonies, so the artist formerly known as DJ Tanner decides to embrace show she is as Aunt Steph.


Fernando's 'Fiddler On The Roof' Moment

Mike Yarish/Netflix

Di Pace doesn't get to dance, but he does get to sing "Sunrise, Sunset" from the musical Fiddler on the Roof as he reflects that Ramona is grown up now in "Angels' Night Out." (It also hilariously acts as the soundtrack for when Joey gets in a color war with D.J.'s kids.) Apparently, this was a father-daughter tradition (eh?) since Ramona notes that she thought she was Jewish until the age of 9.


The Angels' Night Out


Even though Kimmy is carrying Stephanie's baby, that doesn't stop her from doing "a complex, unmotivated dance number" with D.J. and Steph during "Angels' Night Out." Yeah, it's short-lived, but these women can never pass up on a moment to dance.


Steph's Party Battle


This battle between Aunt Steph (or Rock and Roll Barbie, your pick) and Sudsy the Clown takes place in the odd-numbered episode, "President Fuller." But that's probably because this showdown between Steph on her guitar and a clown on his accordion is odd in and of itself.


Aunt Becky & Uncle Jesse's Duet


Jesse and Becky host the Bay Area Small Business Association Awards (AKA, BASAA) "Driving Mr. Jackson," which just means they have to sing a song. Besides the joy of seeing the Katsopolises perform a duet together, it's also delightfully awkward since this beloved Full House couple is in a fight during it. As Steph says, it's absolutely worth putting on Spanx for.


Uncle Jesse Gets His Ripper On


Uncle Jesse shows what an inventive father and musician he is when he bangs out Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" on a toddler's play piano in "Golden-Toe Fuller." How he manages to make it sound so good on a toy piano is a mystery, but he does calm down sugar-filled kids and make guest star (and Stamos' Grandfathered costar) Josh Peck cry.


D.J. & Steve's Prom Dance


The penultimate episode of Season 4 takes place at the prom, so there's lots of dancing going on. But the only dance that matters is Steve playing Bryan Adams' "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You" in D.J.'s kitchen so they can finally slow dance to their song. If you understandably were creeped out by Season 1 Steve, Steve in "The Prom" is the guy that Full House fans knew and loved.

As for the last episode, even though D.J., Steph, and Kimmy go to see Hamilton, there's no musical numbers since Kimmy goes into labor with Steph's baby. But that just means there will be one more member of the family to sing and dance if there's a Season 5.