You Can Get Glow Recipe's ENTIRE Range For 30% Off Right Now

Glow Recipe's Glow Gang Vault gives shoppers 30% off the brand's entire range.
Glow Recipe/Instagram

When it comes to holiday gift shopping, you're down to the wire if you haven't finished yet. Don't worry too much, though. Glow Recipe's Glow Gang Vault has you covered when it comes to shopping for that special, skin care-loving friend in your life. Let's be honest, this vault could also be one gorgeously fruity gift to yourself as well.

To round out 2019, Glow Recipe is bringing back some of its best selling collaborations and collections. The Glow Recipe Best of 2019 sale features everything from the brand's Makeup Fridge collaboration to specially curated sets. Perhaps the biggest deal, however, is the Glow Gang Vault. Inside the collection, customers will get every single item currently offered by Glow Recipe including the brand's two newest items, the Banana Souffle Moisture Cream (which hasn't even launched in stores yet) and the Avocado Retinol Sleeping Mask and Eye Cream.

Altogether, the Glow Recipe Vault comes with eight fruit-based skin care items from fog mists to moisturizers to a vitamin C serum. While snagging the brand's entire range all the same time makes shopping easy, Glow Recipe didn't create the vault without also offering a discount. You can get the entire collection for 30% with the Glow Gang Vault retailing for $227 which scores you nearly $100 off your purchase.

While sure, $227 is still $227, the Vault takes complete care of you or your friend's skin care needs. Plus, if you have multiple people that you still need to check off your list, there's no reason why this collection can't be split with different products going to multiple friends and family members on your list. After all, most of these products made headlines all on their own.

Back in 2017, Glow Recipe launched with its Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask and Blueberry Bounce Cleanser. At the time, the brand was known for its K-Beauty curations, and the products marked creators Sarah Lee and Christine Chang's first foray into making product. People majorly responded to the expansion. The Watermelon Glow Sleeping mask garnered a 5,000 person waiting list upon its launch, and both products sold out completely.

Now, the brand has expanded exponentially, even adding a more affordable sister brand in Sweet Chef.

Thanks to the Glow Recipe Vault, you can snag the brand's entire collection (including those two OG products) for 30% off. This deal is too good of an opportunity to miss whether you're giving the whole kit to yourself or breaking up the goodies to give to others.