Have I Met My Soulmate? 7 Signs The One You’re With Is A Copycat And Not The Real Thing

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Meeting your soulmate is a romantic ideal many people believe in. Who doesn't like the idea of ending up with the one person you're meant to be with? As New-Agey as it sounds, when you're truly at a place in your life when you're ready to meet "The One," asking the universe to introduce you to this person is key. But before you get too excited, psychics say there is one thing you really need to watch out for: a copycat soulmate.

"A 'copycat soulmate' is someone who comes into your life when you have decided you want a commitment with someone and are ready to make that commitment," Davida Rappaport, Psychic and Spiritual Counselor, tells Bustle. "You made your list of what you want in a partner (or soulmate), worked on yourself, and did all of the work you felt you needed to do to manifest 'The One.'"

When you've done all the necessary work and everything seems to be aligned, you might end up attracting someone you believe is your soulmate. That's because this person may exhibit all the early signs that they could actually be your soulmate. "They match all of the items on your checklist, the chemistry you feel with them is amazing, and everything seems perfect — except it's really not," Rappaport says.

Once the honeymoon period ends, you begin to see the little red flags you initially missed like character traits or behaviors that are total dealbreakers. According to Rappaport, it usually shows in the way they handle relationships. "Often, a copycat soulmate is one who does not want to work on a relationship," she says. "As long as you don’t leap into anything immediately, even though it feels right, you should be fine."

So how do you know if your current partner is a copycat soulmate and not the real thing? Here's how you can tell, according to experts.