We Asked A Tarot Reader To Pull A Card For Every Zodiac Sign During Mercury Retrograde

Tarot cards and hands of fortune teller on wooden table background.

When it comes to retrogrades, it's always a good policy to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Mercury retrograde winter 2020 kicked off on Feb. 16, and we won't be out of its cosmic woods until March 9, so we're officially in the thick of it. While these transits have a reputation for being obnoxious — because yes, we are more likely to hit communication blocks, scheduling snags, and tech glitches — they also serve as an ideal time for us to slow down, reflect on where we're at, and take a breather before we charge ahead at full speed again.

With the current Mercury retrograde period having kicked off in the emotional, intuitive, and spiritually in tune water sign of Pisces (and with Pisces season 2020 also in full force), this retrograde is great time to embrace the mystical arts, like tarot cards and other divination tools, which are so helpful during periods of self-reflection. Mercury in Pisces encourages all of us to relate to the world through our intuition instead of logic, so opening yourself up to more free-flowing spiritual energy could help you connect with yourself and roll with the retrograde's waves.

Looking to astrology for Mercury retrograde advice is always helpful, but we wanted to see what kind of wisdom the tarot had for us, too — so Bustle chatted with professional tarot reader Sarah Potter and had her draw a card for each zodiac sign. Read on for some Mercury retrograde tarot card advice, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Ace of Cups


About this card: In the tarot, the suit of cups represent everything related to our feelings and emotions — which often includes romance! The ace of cups is an exciting card that offers up lots of cosmic opportunities for love and emotional fresh-starts.

What it means for you: "Let the love in during this retrograde," Potter says. "Listen to what your heart is telling you and allow for the possibility of new love in your life or for the deepening of emotional intimacy in your closest personal relationships."

Taurus: Knight of Pentacles


About this card: The suit of pentacles (aka coins), represent material possessions, wealth, and earthly matters in the tarot. The knight of pentacles highlights the need to put in hard work in order to reach your tangible goals — and reminds you that if you're willing to stay dedicated, you can overcome any obstacles in the way.

What it means for you: "Use your common sense and solve any issues that arise with practicality during the retrograde," Potter says. "Focus on work and try not to let any outside nonsense take away from it. Tie up any loose ends and finish what you started, especially when it comes to work projects."

Gemini: Nine of Cups


About this card: The nine of cups is all about feeling stable, comfortable, and even indulging in your happy emotions. It signifies positive feelings and a sense of emotional peace, and encourages you to embrace that.

What it means for you: "Celebrate your successes this retrograde! It is important to give yourself time and space to feel satisfied with your accomplishments thus far," Potter says. "Take stock of all you have rather than focusing on what you don't have, and you will find a new appreciation for all of your hard work."

Cancer: Page of Wands


About this card: The suit of wands (aka staffs) represent our desires, our passion, and our motivation in the tarot. The page of wands signifies the excitement of getting fired up and passionate about beginning a new endeavor or experience.

What it means for you: "Be open to adventure! Step out of your comfort zone during the retrograde and try something new," Potter says. "You will be surprised by how much this experience will help you discover a new part of yourself, as well as bring inspiration into your life."

Leo: Three Of Wands


About this card: The three of wands is all about making real and solid plans for the future in order to turn your wildest dreams and most exciting passion projects into reality.

What it means for you: "Your hard work is paying off! Embrace the changes coming your way during this retrograde and work on long term plans," Potter says. "Thinking about going on a trip this summer? Start planning it now so you have something to look forward to on the horizon."

Virgo: Nine of Pentacles


About this card: This card tells you that it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and enjoy the payoff of all the tangible hard work you've inevitably put into a project or endeavor. You've earned this opportunity to indulge.

What it means for you: "Take a break during this retrograde. You have been working so hard and now is the time to enjoy yourself ... with a spa day or an opulent meal," Potter says. "What is the point of working so much if you cannot enjoy some of the material rewards? Celebrate your abundance and treat yourself!"

Libra: Six of Swords


About this card: The suit of swords in the tarot represents thoughts, ideas, and mental energy. This card denotes a transitional period where you must cut your losses and leave a situation that has nothing more to give — and embark on a new journey with fresh opportunities.

What it means for you: "This retrograde is the time to let it go! Whatever you have been holding onto, it’s time to release it," Potter says. "Sometimes the only option is to move on. Better times are ahead, just keep going forward."

Scorpio: The Devil


About this card: This card is part of the tarot's Major Arcana, which represent larger points and themes in our lives. Don't be afraid of the devil card — it's not evil, it's just about over-indulgence and the temptation of material and physical distractions.

What it means for you: "Temptation appears at every corner during this retrograde, but try not to give in to your every impulse," Potter says. "A little luxury is lovely but an over indulgence will lead to more problems rather than solving them."

Sagittarius: The Lovers


About this card: The lovers, which are part of the major arcana, represent duality and harmony between two parts — and this can manifest in the choices we make as well as partnerships.

What it means for you: "Carefully consider your options during this retrograde. Wherever you put your energy and focus will maintain the growth you have already started," Potter says. "Give any major decisions the weight and time they deserve, as ramifications of these choices can be long lasting."

Capricorn: Four of Swords


About this card: The four of swords brings recovery and rest after experiencing struggles, loss, or heartbreak. It asks you to take time away to be introspective and start healing.

What it means for you: "Use this retrograde as an excuse to take a break," Potter says. "If your anxieties are getting the best of you, it is time to create a sanctuary for peace and quiet. And make sure you are getting enough sleep, because you need to rest!"

Aquarius: The World


About this card: The world, which is part of the major arcana, is about the closing and completion of a cycle — as well as the acceptance and celebration of that ending and the subsequent new beginning.

What it means for you: "If this retrograde is the time for something to end, allow it. When we close a door, another one opens and we create space for something new to enter our orbit," Potter says. "Celebrate what it was and enjoy the conclusion as you open yourself up to new possibilities that lay ahead."

Pisces: The Magician


About this card: The Magician, which is part of the tarot's major arcana, is the master manifester of the deck! It represents sheer will and the power to create your own reality.

What it means for you: "This retrograde is a time to tap into your full potential," Potter says. "Everything you need to do so already exists within you. Stop holding back and recognize the fact that you are so capable."