6 Ways To Take Advantage Of Pisces Season's Emotional Energy Right Now

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Welcome to the mystical, magical, and emotional waters of Pisces season 2020. As of Feb. 19, the Sun moved into the sign of the fish, and it will sail through these waters until March 19 — and with sensitive water sign Pisces in the driver's seat, it's bound to be a feelings-heavy ride!

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac — meaning we're at the very end of the current astrological cycle, and are spiritually and emotionally integrating the cosmic lessons we've learned over the past year. Pisces season is always a significant and transformational cosmic period, as it encourages all zodiac signs to embrace their emotions, lean into their natural intuition, and tap into their creative sides.

And this year, the Pisces season energy is extra potent. This is because we also have intellectual planet Mercury in Pisces throughout most of the season — and up until March 9, Mercury retrograde is happening, too. Pisces' ruling planet Neptune is also cuddling up to Mercury and the Sun in its home-base sign through the duration of the season, which is amplifying all the classic Piscean energy even more so. Expect to favor feelings over logic, see things through a more emotionally-sensitive lens, and maybe even confuse your dreams with reality once in a while.

No matter what your zodiac sign, there are lots of ways to take advantage of Pisces season's emotional energy that can help to sync you up to the current cosmic vibes in the most positive ways — and hopefully make you feel more in touch with yourself, too. Here are a few simple things to incorporate into your Pisces season plans.


Up The Self-Care

"Pisces is known to have healing vibes," says astrologer Lisa Stardust. "Use the cosmic energy to clear up any emotional hurt you may feel and make up with others you have upset during this transit." In case you missed it, Mercury retrograde is happening throughout the majority of Pisces season, which can cause miscommunications and hurt feelings for all of us. Adding an extra dose of self-care to your daily routine, whether it's by taking some long bubble baths or clearing your schedule for a weekend to relax, is an awesome way to offset any stress and embrace the healing nature of Pisces energy.

Embrace Your Intuition

As a water sign, Pisces energy naturally lends itself to mysticism, and it's actually considered the most "psychic" sign of the zodiac! This makes Pisces season a good time for all of us to lean into our emotional intuition when making decisions instead of only relying on logic. "Listen to the little voice inside your head that is ushering your heart," Stardust says. "If something doesn’t feel right, drop it. It it feels great, then go for it!" If your inner voice has something to say, Pisces energy will encourage you to listen to it.

Get A Little Witchy

Pisces, as the final sign of the zodiac, represents spiritual evolution. That said, it's a great time to gather with your most high-minded group of friends, embrace your witchy sides, and do a simple yet powerful Pisces season ritual to honor this current astrological transit. You don't have to be an experienced mystic to try your hand at a ritual — just follow the instructions and open your heart to the mystical energy of the universe. With spiritually in-tune Pisces season on your side, it can't hurt to try.

Indulge Your Free-Spiritedness

It's the last season of the astrological year, so it's time to bring all of the lessons from the past zodiac cycle to their conclusions — and embracing the free-flowing and watery nature of the Piscean fish can help you see things from a new perspective. "Take a walk or a drive somewhere you’ve never been — without your GPS," Stardust says. "You’ll have fun surrounding yourself with a new environment and adventure."

Lean Into Your Artistic Side

Creativity is deeply important to Pisces season's emotional energy, as art can help you process your feelings and connect with the feelings of others, too. "Listen or create music, read literature to boost your imagination, or paint," Stardust says. "All of these activities will help unite you with your creativity, which is heightened during Pisces season." Don't be afraid to experiment and try expressing your emotions in a new way — creativity is about having fun and learning about yourself, not being perfect.

Start A Dream Journal

If you've never kept a dream journal before, Pisces season is the perfect cosmic moment to start one. "Pay attention to the visions that come to you in your dreams," Stardust says. "Write them down when you wake up, as they may hold answers to some of the ongoing issues in your life." Pisces is ruled by the mystical planet Neptune, which rules over our dreams and illusions, meaning that dreams are particularly important to us during Pisces season. We're likely have more psychic visions in our dreams and may feel more intuitive when it comes to interpreting what our dream symbols mean to us.