The Best Way To Handle A Disagreement With Your Boss, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Conflict can be tough at the best of times, but when you disagree with your boss… well, that can feel like a whole new level of drama. But as hard as workplace disagreements can be, especially for people with conflict anxiety, we promise you that avoiding confrontation altogether isn't a better bet. So... how to do it? Creating more productive disagreements starts with knowing what you want, and working backwards to get it. What's tricky is that sometimes our instinctive reactions to conflict can get in the way.

We already know that your zodiac sign can predict things like your taste in food and aesthetics, but it can also predict the way you react to conflict. Within this, it’s your astrology element which is going to shape how you view and react to a situation. Earth signs, for example, have a tendency to feel anxious, water signs can feel emotional, fire signs can feel impassioned, while air signs can sometimes give off chilly vibes.

But, hey! Knowledge is power, and being clued in to how you’re likely to react can help you adapt your behavior and find solutions that work best for everyone involved.

Read on to find out more about what you should personally remember when it comes to working out conflict:


Be tactful when negotiating, as it's more likely to get you what you deserve. Even if you're justifiably angry at being underpaid or underappreciated, try to remain level-headed and focus on the task at hand. Talk the situation out with a friend who's not a fellow fire sign as it will help you strike the right balance of calm, assertive, and respectful.


Be willing to compromise. Being stubborn and determined is part of what makes Taureans so successful, but during a disagreement it's important to truly consider things from the other side. As long as you make it clear to your boss that you're willing to see a situation from a different angle, you'll come off brilliantly and end up being able to talk things out. Win-win!


Use your skill at arguing wisely. As a Gemini you definitely have gift of gab, but use it carefully with your boss. If they're being wishy-washy about numbers you're shooting for, try not to out-argue them. They're the one in charge, and if you listen and try not to question all of their decisions, you'll appear more trustworthy and open-minded. As a result, you'll be more like to get what you're asking for.


Own your needs. Sometimes Cancers are afraid of being seen as needy or causing waves, but you need to communicate what you think. Your boss can't read your mind. Let your assertiveness come through, and don't worry — you won't come across as unkind.


Stay calm. As a Leo, you're passionate and dedicated to what you do, but if you feel unheard your temper might rear its head in the form of passive-aggressive behaviour. Try not to give in to those feelings. You're great at seeing things from another's point of view when prompted, so remember to take a step back and let your open-mindedness, intelligence, and flair for communication shine.


Be open to a working solution. You're brilliantly detail-oriented, which probably makes you great at your job, but be sensitive to nitpicking over details at the wrong moment. Make sure your boss knows you're open to a solution even if it's not 100 percent perfect, and you'll be closer to getting what you want.


Focus on where the problem originated. Libras tend to find diplomacy comes easily to them, but be careful to accurately diagnose the cause of a dispute before you go in with any accusations. Your urge may be to focus on what's happening now, but make sure you do your due diligence.


Focus on coming to a consensus with your boss. You're such a perceptive person that you often forget others aren't tuned to the same wavelength as you. If your boss is heading down a different path, be careful not to slip into a victim mentality. Instead, use your powers of persuasion to bring them round to your way of thinking.


Stay the course. Sag's can be prone to giving up on things once the going gets rough. If you get embroiled in a workplace conflict, try to stick it out because your boss and colleagues probably care about your happiness more than you believe.


Remember you're still a badass. Don't get caught up in wanting to feel perfect and to never cause waves. Your accomplishments aren't diminished just because you're going through a disagreement. Use your confidence to buoy yourself and you'll come out of it smooth sailing to the other side.


Keep your disagreement private. Aquarians are famous for loving a good gossip, but there's a time and place for spilling the beans. Keep the drama between you and your supervisor, and try to talk to them calmly and reasonably before complaining to your coworkers.


Speak up for yourself. You're a free spirit, but you can get salty pretty fast when people try to control you. When that happens, you flip to a more standoffish manner. Even when it's uncomfortable, it's worth staying "on" when you want to turn off. Trust that your supervisor will also be thinking about what's best for you and the company.