How To Tell If A New Relationship Will Last Or Fizzle Out Quickly

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

Everyone loves the honeymoon phase. It can be giddy, and sexy, and full of excitement. But with a new relationship can also come trepidation, and wondering how to tell if a relationship will last is only natural. And while long-term success can be hard to indicate, there are definitely some sure-fire signs that things might be about to fizzle out.

"Some relationships have characteristics that cause them to last longer than others," David Bennett, certified counselor and relationship expert, tells Bustle. "From a scientific standpoint, relationships that last tend to have partners who value commitment, see the relationship in a very positive light, and have support from the social networks of both partners. Relationships that lack these factors tend to fizzle quickly, even if partners seem to express satisfaction in the relationships." But when you're falling in love (or in lust) it can be hard to break down what's really going on. That's why relationship experts, who see this kind of thing every day, are here to help.

No one wants to be blindsided by a sudden breakup, or by hindsight giving them a dose of reality. So while you're entering a new relationship, you can instead keep an eye on what's going on, to make sure you're headed for something solid.

Here are nine signs a new relationship will fizzle quickly, according to experts.