If You Like Doing These 8 Things In Bed, You Should Get With An Air Sign

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Air signs aren't really known for being passionate or romantic. But according to astrologers, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius excel in other ways in bed. If you like being adventurous and trying new things in bed, you may want to be with an Air sign.

"The Air sign approach to sex and intimacy (usually) starts with a stimulating conversation and/or experience," astrologer Tiffani Purdy, tells Bustle. Earth signs will slowly try to seduce you by performing acts of service or giving you gifts. Fire signs are driven by desire, so they tend to just go for it. Water signs are very in tune with their emotions, so they'll tell you how they feel. But Air signs are a bit more challenging to read romantically. If you're with an Air sign, Purdy says, you should enjoy going with the flow to really appreciate the experience.

For the most part, Air signs need to have an intellectual connection with their partners above anything else. "What your Air sign partner lacks in emotional tenderness, they will make up for in the way they flirt, charm and stimulate you," astrologer Natha Campanella, tells Bustle. "That goes for both mental and physical stimulation."

The best part is, they avoid boredom at all costs. So if you like doing the following things in bed, you may want to look out for an Air sign.


Seducing Your Partner

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Among the three Air signs, Geminis tend to live fast-paced lives. It's like they're always on the move, both physically and mentally. "To catch a Gemini long enough to develop an intimate experience, you’ll want to keep things interesting," Purdy says. If you're skilled at the art of seduction, you'll have a lot of fun with Gemini because they're so good at it. Teasing, flirting, and one-upping them at their game will make for an amazing time in bed.


Dirty Talk

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"If the bedroom is a playground, Gemini particularly enjoys being invited to play with specific instructions for the game," Purdy says. Geminis are Mercury-ruled, so it's no surprise that communication is key when it comes to them. "Let them know what feels good and turns you on," she says. "They'll know it’s safe to tell you all their deepest desires in bed." If dirty talk is your thing, Geminis love that as well.



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Overall, Air signs tend to be pretty adventurous in bed. According to Robyn, they love trying new things and new places. "They want sex to be fun and playful," she says. Geminis, in particular, may be more open to having threesomes than everyone else. They can be down for pretty much anything, so you'll never fall into a sexual rut.


Getting Romantic

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Libra is the Air sign that's ruled by Venus. So if you're into having a sexual encounter that's taken right out of a romance movie, a Libra is just the right partner for you. "A truly mushy act of love, like finding a rose petal heart outline on the bed in a candlelit room, wouldn’t be lost on a Libra," Purdy says. "It’s all about the 'act of love' being thoughtfully created."


Taking It Slow And Steady

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Among all the Air signs, Libras are more likely to define sex as romantic and beautiful. They like taking their time and being completely in the moment. "Slow starts and long pauses keep sex going with this sign," Robyn says.


Mentally And Spiritually Connecting With Your Partner

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"Libras want to stay connected with their partner emotionally and spiritually," Robyn says. "They want the entire experience to be deep and lovely. They want to melt into their partner." If having a deep connection makes sex more pleasurable for you, you can definitely look forward to that with a Libra.


Quality Foreplay

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"Aquarius is known for coloring outside the lines," Purdy says. "Being the Fixed sign of the Air signs, just know that it might take a while before you really 'get there' with an Aquarius." Good foreplay is key.


Exploring Your Fantasies

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"Aquarius sees everything, including sex, as an interesting mystery," Robyn says. Like Gemini, they're willing to try new toys and positions. But above all, they just really want to learn more about their partner through the entire sexual experience. They're not ones to take the lead, but they'll be open to exploring your sexual fantasies.

Every zodiac type is into something different. If you like being adventurous, talking dirty, and even getting a little romantic in bed, you'll have a really good time with an Air sign.