If You Like Doing These 8 Things In Bed, You Should Get With An Air Sign

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Air signs aren't really known for being passionate or romantic. But according to astrologers, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius excel in other ways in bed. If you like being adventurous and trying new things in bed, you may want to be with an Air sign.

"The Air sign approach to sex and intimacy (usually) starts with a stimulating conversation and/or experience," astrologer Tiffani Purdy, tells Bustle. Earth signs will slowly try to seduce you by performing acts of service or giving you gifts. Fire signs are driven by desire, so they tend to just go for it. Water signs are very in tune with their emotions, so they'll tell you how they feel. But Air signs are a bit more challenging to read romantically. If you're with an Air sign, Purdy says, you should enjoy going with the flow to really appreciate the experience.

For the most part, Air signs need to have an intellectual connection with their partners above anything else. "What your Air sign partner lacks in emotional tenderness, they will make up for in the way they flirt, charm and stimulate you," astrologer Natha Campanella, tells Bustle. "That goes for both mental and physical stimulation."

The best part is, they avoid boredom at all costs. So if you like doing the following things in bed, you may want to look out for an Air sign.