4 Zodiac Signs That Are Hopeless Romantics


Anyone has the potential to find love and make a great partner, but some people are more enchanted with the idea of finding "the one" than others. If you are a hopeless romantic, chances are you are one of four zodiac signs, according to an expert.

"To some people, it can appear that some star signs are more romantic than others," Terry O’Connor, an astrologer, astrological life coach, and writer at Astrology42, tells Bustle. For example, you might have a friend who swears that the Aries they dated was not romantic at all, and so they assume everyone with this sign tends to not be romantic. "But the truth is all signs are romantic, but just in their own way," O'Connor says. To truly understand how someone is hopelessly romantic, you would need to also take into consideration their Venus sign.

Of course, romance can look different for different people. For example, one person might think that the sweetest thing imaginable is their partner surprising them with takeout and a movie night when they get home from work. For someone else, perfect romance might mean getting dressed up and going to a candlelit restaurant together.

While every sign can be romantic, here are a few that might be a little more entranced with love than the rest.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

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"When you look at romance, you don't need to look any further than the zodiac sign Cancer," O'Connor says. When people talk about being romantic, they often think about grand gestures or extravagant gifts. But a person's brain can have a major influence on their ability to be romantic. "Cancers are known to have incredible memories and are often ruled by how they feel, rather than real logic," he says. This means that a Cancer is usually great at remembering anniversaries, birthdays, first dates, first kisses, etc. Maybe you'll surprise your partner with a sweet note commemorating the anniversary of one of the special relationship milestones. Being this attentive to the small moments in a relationship is a romantic way to show you care.


Leo (July 23 - August 22)

The Leos are the royalty of romance, O'Connor says. Unlike some signs, which might choose to keep their love to themselves, a Leo is excited to let the whole world know that they've found a partner they care for. The Leos are the kings and queens of romance. If this is your sign, you're probably a total natural at genuine displays of affection. "Boxes of chocolates, red roses, and expensive purchases are often traditional forms in which Leos can be known to show their affections," O'Connor says. "No gesture is big enough. It could appear that Leos are perhaps the most romantic sign of all."


Libra (September 23 - October 22)

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Some people get so wrapped up in their own thoughts and feelings that they have a difficult time swooning for their partner. This is not true for a Libra. "Libras are all about the other person," O'Connor says. If you're a Libra, you probably love beauty, harmony, and showing your partner acts of love. You might have an idealistic view of romance and romantic desire, but this makes you a selfless partner who loves making sure that your partner's needs are met and that they know how much you care for them.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

"The romantic and dreamy world of the Pisces is full of romance," O'Connor says. "They will take you on a journey through your own subconscious and imaginations." Because being a Pisces means having grand, fantastic dreams, you're the perfect person to inspire your partner to reach their biggest goals and achieve their key desires. You might have trouble staying grounded and having realistic expectations, but as long as you don't get lost in the dream world, this can be a strength because it can make you accept nothing less than spectacular love.

Whether you're the kind of romantic person who'll never let an anniversary pass without revisiting the restaurant of your first date, or someone who loves giving sweet, personalized gifts, embrace your romantic side. If you haven't found true love yet, you're sure to in the future.