This Clip Of Jax From 'Pump Rules' On 'Desperate Housewives' Is Perfect

Charles Sykes/Bravo

Whether it be Scheana Shay in Jonas L.A. or Tom Sandoval on The Hills, it's always a genuine treat to see a Vander-friend's face pop up on an '00s series. Here is another one for that list: Almost a decade ago, Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor was on Desperate Housewives. And don't you worry, all several seconds of this legendary cameo are available online. On Sunday, Twitter user @AliciaVelovska posted a snippet of a 2009 episode of the ABC series featuring a man that looks a whole lot like Jax. And as the Pumper himself confirmed on Twitter, that is because the man in that Desperate Housewives scene is Jax.

Whether it's the first time you've seen his brief, albeit important Desperate Housewives appearance, or you've made a point to revisit this majestic scene several times a year, you'll almost certainly agree with the following: Jax sure does bring the SUR to this scripted show. And yes, in this case, "SUR" stands for "Supporting Unique Role."

According to his IMDb page, Jax played “Hot Guy 2 in Dance Club” in Season 5 Episode 19. In the clip, Hot Guy 2 in Dance Club makes his way through a dance club, walks over to two women, looks at the two women, looks at the two cocktails he’s clutching, and then hands one of the drinks to one of the women. He never says a word, but he does make a few very Jax-like faces.

And every now and again, Pump fans will recognize him in this scene while they’re visiting their friends over on Wisteria Lane.

On first glance, you might think this clip was pulled from Season 1 or Season 2 of Vanderpump Rules. And to be quite frank (no, not that Frank), that mistake would be more than understandable. Jax wearing a black jacket and clutching two cocktails as he makes his way through a fuchsia bar is an all-too familiar sight for anyone who watches The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff; it really does look like one of the many Pump Rules scenes set at SUR. The only way things could get more eerie is if a few of the Desperate Housewives characters went out to the alley behind the club and yelled at each other next to a stack of chairs. Alas, this scene was not plucked from the reality show about Lisa Vanderpump's Sexy Unique Restaurant. This clip is from an episode of a scripted drama, and that episode aired about four years before Pump Rules Season 1 premiered.

Over the last few years, Pump fans have stumbled upon this old episode of Desperate Housewives and wondered if that man with the drinks is Jason "Jax Taylor" Cauchi, or if that actor is a doppelgäng-SUR.

And Jax always seems happy to offer up the answer.

Hot Guy 2 in Dance Club on Desperate Housewives is not Jax’s only pre-Pump role of note. He did quite a bit of modeling, including for the cover of the Assassin's Creed II video game box. He and Tom Schwartz were contestants on a game show called Baggage. And in March 2017, he told the Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast that he was featured in a commercial for Britney Spears' tour back in 2004, and no, Jax wasn't pulling listeners' legs. The Pumper really was in an advertisement for The Onyx Hotel Tour.

If there was a SUR-cademy Award for SUR-prising Cameo in a Scripted Series, Jax's turn in Desperate Housewives would definitely be up against Scheana's performance in Jonas L.A. Hot Guy 2 in Dance Club is that SUR-perb.