John Legend Just Tweeted About Luna's Love For Ariana Grande & It's Almost Too Honest

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In a move so brutal it could really only come from a 3-year-old, John Legend revealed Luna thinks Ariana Grande's music is better than his. Sure, she may like her dad's "Stinky Booty" song, but apparently her real jam will always be "Thank U, Next." Her EGOT father didn't even have words to describe this stunning revelation to his fans on Twitter. Instead, he punctuated Luna's quote of the day with the shocked eye emoji, because nothing else could more perfectly caption such a scathing critique from his firstborn.

Legend shared Luna's scathing assessment of his singing in a tweet, writing, "Luna's QOTD: '@ArianaGrande is a great singer, Dad. You are not a great singer.'" Those are harsh words, however, he can't say she's not consistent. In a December 2018 interview with the New York Post, Legend shared that Luna's been a fan of the "God is a Woman" singer for a while now, and it's all thanks to her mom, Chrissy Teigen. "She also likes Ariana Grande because Chrissy plays it," he said.

Little did Legend know that Luna "liking" Grande would turn into her being the pop star's biggest fan. But can you really blame her? No one's going to argue that Legend isn't an icon, because he is. The 10-time Grammy winning artist can croon a love song like no other. He even did a duet with Grande — a remake of "Tale As Old As Time" for the 2017 Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. The man has skills, and Luna will no doubt grow to fully appreciate just how great of a singer her dad is.

But Grande is a powerhouse in her own right, and one who sends important messages about self love, friendship, and owning your power as a woman to girls everywhere. Luna may only be 3, but this is clearly a case of game recognizing game, because if future manicurist/SNL host in training/all-around cool kid Luna has proven anything in her three years of life so far, it's that she's well on her way to being a star.

She also possesses a level of sass that is only rivaled by her mom's. As the Queen of Twitter, Teigan has clearly taught her daughter well. Luna's opinion may have temporarily slayed her father, but this kid isn't afraid to speak her mind. And that's something both of her parents can be proud of.

Meanwhile, the internet is here to assure Legend that he and Grande are both fantastic singers, despite his daughter's assertion to the contrary. Westworld actor Jeffrey Wright tweeted out a shocked and crying laughing emoji in response to Luna's quote, while Twitter user @MarissaSaysWhat added, "damn did luna co-write 'sit down be humble'?"

Other fans were a bit more sympathetic. One user, @AsToldByShelby, wrote, "She came for your entire life lol. Luckily she is wrong about you." And @iisaaabelll added, "luna is incorrect you are both great singers."

The support is surely appreciated, but Legend is probably safe chocking this one up to kids saying the darnedest things (or anything that crosses their minds, really). However, if he wants to be declared the best dad ever, getting Luna a ticket to the next Grande concert would no doubt do the trick.