Kate Middleton's Combat Boots Are So Different For The Royal But SO GOOD

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If you're not a typical watcher of royal fashion moments, you may think that royal style basically boils down to conservative dresses, pumps, and evening gowns. While those items certainly make their fair share of appearances, Kate Middleton's combat boots prove that the royal family can experience with their looks, too. Hey, who doesn't love a bit of an edgy twist on a royal ensemble, right?

Kate Middleton has been a member of the royal family for years now. She married Prince William all the way back in 2011, and ever since then, her style has basically been royally perfect. From pale pink manicures to perfectly tailored dresses and what seems to be an attempt to bring back the headband, the Duchess of Cambridge typically keeps her style on the safer, more conservative side. However, that doesn't mean that she can't switch things up and throw a bit of a surprise into the mix.

On Tuesday, Middleton attended an event at King Henry's Walk Community Garden where she helped children make pizza in an outdoor oven. Sounds like the perfect first event of 2019, right? Well, Middleton also wore the perfect, unexpected accessory. According to InStyle, Middleton wore a pair of See by Chloe combat boots that are just edgy enough to make headlines.

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The publication explains that Middleton is perhaps most well known for her signature riding boots. The style is a much more classic choice than the Chloe combat boots, but the switch-up is a totally cool twist for Middleton. In fact, Daily Mail royal reporter Rebecca English even took to her own Twitter to comment on the change from the Duchess of Cambridge called the boots "funky," but seemingly in a good way.

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The only downside to Middleton's boots? The price tag. According to Net-A-Porter, the boots are on sale for 40 percent off, but that doesn't help much. The See by Chloe ankle boots retail for a whopping $267 even with the discount.

Lucky for fashion fans, though, combat boots are on trend right now, and there are other (much more affordable) styles they can choose from.

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Universal Thread Danica Lace-up Boots



While a slightly lighter color than Middleton's boots, this ultra-affordable pair from Target feature the same heel style and lace-up feature.

Rocket Dog Tayte Combat Boot



These dark brown leather boots from DSW feature the same ankle height as Middleton's and the same dark brown leather and heel height as her Chloe pair as well.

UGG Kesey Waterproof Boot



While not exactly a steal, these boots from UGG are still over $100 cheap than Middleton's, and they look pretty close to her Chloe pair.

While you may be most used to see Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham dresses and gorgeous tiaras, the Duchess certainly knows how to make a casual and edgy accessory look great. From Zara jeans to her new combat boots, don't underestimate this royal's sense of style. She may just end up surprising you.