Kim Kardashian's Comments About 'KUWTK' Spinoffs Will Leave You Wanting Another One

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The Kardashian-Jenners put out a ton of kontent — ahem, content. It all started with Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but now they command nearly every fillable space of pop culture. Well, brace yourselves, dolls, because there may be more still to come. During an interview with E! News on Aug. 21, Kim Kardashian said a KUWTK spinoff series isn't out of the question. Correction: Another spinoff series isn't out of the question (since there have already been several) — and Kim's got a pretty good idea about where she'd want to film it.

When E! News chatted with Kardashian, they asked the reality star one very important question: When are we going to get a show about Kim and Kanye West? What an absolute dream that would be. Truly, a treat for the ages. A show worth watching. The pinnacle of entertainment. Sadly, though, Kardashian isn't convinced that West would be down. "I don't know," she replied when asked about the possibility. "I don't know if that's something he would do."

So, you're saying there's a chance, though? Right, Kim? That wasn't a definitive "no." Surely, his loving wife could talk him into it. He could showcase what goes into the development of his fashion lines, or give fans a glimpse into the creative process behind any one of his many music projects. He could show the world what's going through his mind before sending out one of his now-infamous tweets.

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Unfortunately, Kardashian pivoted from the idea of a Kanye and Kim Take The World-esque spinoff series, and offered up another thought instead. "You know I was in Miami recently," she told E! News, "and it did make me really miss Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, so I think I gotta — I don't know. That would be really fun to revisit that."

Yes, do it! Do it with Kanye! Kidding, of course. OK, maybe not kidding. Perhaps just put a pin in the idea for now, take some time to marinate, then let's all circle back to discuss at a later date? Great.

On the other hand, it could definitely be fun to see another set of Kardashian-Jenner sisters jet off somewhere to launch a business or whatever. Maybe not Kim and Kourtney again — well, maybe not right now at least, given the current family drama.

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Wait — maybe that's exactly what needs to happen. What better way to fix a feud than forcing them on a show together, Survivor-style or something? Kourtney And Kim On A Desert Island. They could repair their relationship and learn how to live in the wild at the same time. No competitions, just Kourtney, Kim, and the wilderness. Would watch it, without a doubt.

OK, the chances of that happening are probably about the same as getting Kanye on a spinoff series with Kim — slim to none. Just trying to throw some ideas out there and get the wheels spinning. The possibilities are endless. Momager Kris, if you're out there, feel free to call me to discuss.