Kylie Jenner's Birthday Present For Travis Scott Is So Extra It Might Make You Jealous

Bob Levey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are having quite the 2018. The makeup mogul and rapper announced the birth of their first daughter, Stormi Webster, in February. Now, ahead of Scott's 26th birthday, Kylie Jenner rented out a theme park for her boyfriend, according to Teen Vogue. And honestly? It's kind of the greatest gift ever. Going to a theme park as a regular person can be a challenge as is. When you're as famous — and instantly recognizable — as Jenner and Scott, it's difficult to do any normal things, let alone attend a crowded amusement park on a nice spring weekend. The obvious solution to this problem is to rent out a California Six Flags to party with their crew for the day.

No joke — for Scott's upcoming birthday, Jenner rented out an entire theme park for their friends and family to enjoy. Per Kylie's Instagram story, a few guests had never been to a Six Flags before. The guest list was exclusive, with only Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and a few of Travis' friends in attendance, according to People. Can you imagine being the Six Flags employee showing up for a regular night shift, only to find the entire park has been reserved by some of the most famous (and fun-loving) people in America? Fortunately, the Kardashian-Jenner team captured the special night on social media for fans to see.

Right now, it's not clear whether Jenner actually surprised Scott with the night at the theme park, or if she executed the genius idea just because she could. Honestly, how innovative is that? And thoughtful. As her Instagram story revealed, at least one party-goer had never been to Six Flags before. Leave it to Jenner to make her boyfriend's birthday a generous, inclusive event.

Technically, Scott's birthday isn't until April 30, but the Kardashian-Jenners went to Six Flags on Saturday, April 28. A private night at a theme park on a Saturday is way cooler than on a Monday. After all, her elder half-sisters probably have to take the kids to preschool during the week. The early celebration might also have something to do with the couple wanting to spend as much time as they can together and with Scott's friends, before the rapper hits the road in May for a series of concerts across the U.S.

Since it's not a birthday party without cake and ice cream, Jenner ordered custom cakes for Scott that almost rival Kim's cakes for Chrissy Teigen in terms of awesomeness. For your most recent birthday, you probably enjoyed a night out with friends, or maybe an extra portion of dessert at the restaurant. But you're not Scott, are you? Because Scott tucked into an enormous, three-tiered cake replete with images of himself, Jenner, and baby Stormi all riding a roller coaster together. Jenner appears to be wearing Stormi in a Snugli on the cake, but the newborn seemingly wasn't present at the event. Which makes sense considering she's barely 3-months-old.

Kim, Kourtney, and Jenner are all moms, and Kim and Jenner both welcomed daughters earlier this year. The Six Flags birthday party was probably a welcome night off from parenting for the sisters. Plus, it wasn't like it was a formal event. It was just a birthday party for an extended family member (Jenner and Scott have reportedly been dating since April 2017). No professional cameras, interviews, or glam squad necessary. They just got to be happy, regular people taking part in the simple joy of a theme park. Plus, there was the added thrill of going on rides at night. The majority of attendees have been world-famous since 2007 thanks to Keeping Up With The Kardashians — they likely never imagined they'd be able to take part in such an normal activity again. To be honest, it's enough to warm the heart of even a casual fan during this chilly spring month.