Lifetime's 'Harry & Meghan' Teaser Trailer Will Leave You Swooning Over The Royals

The royal event you've been waiting for has arrived — well, the Lifetime version has at least. As first revealed by TV Line, Lifetime's Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance teaser has been released, and it's just as adorably cheesy as you dreamed it would be. Based on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's real-life courtship, the movie is set to premiere on May 13, just a few days before the royal couple walk down the aisle on May 19.

In the teaser, Parisa Fitz-Henley's Markle and Murray Fraser's Prince Harry are seen in various states of couple-y goodness. They have intimate talks, snuggle on a Sound of Music-esque hill, and when Prince Harry gets down on one knee he proclaims, "I don't need my life to be this perfect royal picture. I just need you." Cue swooning.

While this first look at the movie is all about the happy couple, there's definitely more to the story. Recently, Lifetime released first look photos for Harry & Meghan that featured the entire royal family. In addition to Fitz-Henley and Fraser, the film also stars Burgess Abernethy as Prince William, Laura Mitchell as Kate Middleton, Maggie Sullivun as Queen Elizabeth II, Preston Jakub Karwat as Prince George, Briella Wintraub as Princess Charlotte, and, most intriguingly, Bonnie Soper as Diana.

The inclusion of Diana suggests that the movie will be delving into Prince Harry's past, which makes sense considering the official synopsis makes it clear that it will explore a bit of Markle's life before she fell for the British royal. According to Lifetime, Harry & Meghan will track the entirety of the couple's romance so far, from their initial meeting straight through to the engagement. Why yes, that does sound like quite a bit of story for one TV movie to tell, but as long as there are plenty of super romantic moments as illustrated in the teaser, then this Lifetime movie might be worth the wait.

Prince Harry and Markle's romance feels like a fairy tale from the outside, and since they're royals, that's likely the only side the world will ever see. And that's totally OK. The Lifetime movie about their love story is definitely unauthorized, and will no doubt take liberties with the couple, but as long as it's respectful, then it could also be a fun way to kick off the real royal pair's wedding week.

One thing is certain, the movie's star, Parisa Fitz-Henley, seems to be truly enamored with Markle. When filming wrapped, the actor shared a sweet tribute to the soon-to-be royal on Instagram that made it clear she loved being able to play the Suits star. She wrote,

"That's a wrap on #HarryandMeghan#ARoyalRomance@lifetimetv. WHAT an adventure. We worked with fabulous actors, creators and crew. We braved the elements — and got some gorgeous days in there too. I got to take a look inside the life of a woman and a relationship I quickly came to admire and claim as inspirations."

The way Fitz-Henley sees it, Harry & Meghan is a celebration of love, and that's definitely a sentiment that the first teaser supports.

Has Markle ever actually asked Prince Harry, "Tell me something real?" Who knows? But it's exactly the kind of thing royal watchers probably hope they say to each other, because there's nothing quite like a royal romance to get the imagination going. Ultimately, fans of the real-life couple will have to decide for themselves whether or not the Lifetime movie does Prince Harry and Markle justice. For now, the teaser makes it look like the movie is off to a good start on the adorableness front, so if you decide to watch it on repeat until May 13, then just know that this is a no judgment zone.