Millennial Pink Cinnamon Rolls Just Hit Shelves & They Are GORGEOUS


Listen: millennial pink is never going to die. It will outlive all of us and dance on our graves in its mildly soothing, aesthetically pleasing glory. I, for one, have leaned into the new order of our millennial pink overlords, and welcome their hostile and persistent takeover of my Instagram feed; that being said, it's all fun and games until I eventually go to the annual physical I've been putting off and a medical professional asks if my severe nutritional deficiencies were worth only eating millennial pink food for a year. Here to egg me on in this less-than-ideal quest are millennial pink cinnamon rolls, the latest in a long string of millennial pink desserts that I would like served both at my wedding and my funeral.

Like a lot of our new favorite millennial pink foodstuffs, these babies are limited edition, this time brought to us by iconic cinnamon roll makers Pillsbury Grands. They're technically pink because the flavor is Strawberry & Cream, and while I respect that the strawberry flavor had dominion over the color pink before the twentysomethings stuck a hashtag on it and claimed it for their own, I would like to think that this is Pillsbury's subtle nod to our insatiable pink consumption.

Behold, in all of their rosy-hued glory.


This version essentially has the same base as the OG cinnamon rolls that you know and love with flavored frosting, which is, praise be to the dessert gods, still cream cheese-based. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life, but I personally will either be consuming these at the trashy tea party I'm definitely throwing in anticipation of the royal wedding, or at brunch if I ever get classy enough to arrange one.

You might want to hop on this one, though, because according to Pillsbury, it will only be around for a limited time. The product page on their website says that they're already available, and can be purchased at Albertsons/Safeway, Wakefern, Delhaize, HyVee, Weis, Market Basket, Tewksbury, C&S North Hatfield, Meijer, or Walmart.

If you can't find these in stores, the good news is that you're in no shortage of up and coming trendy desserts for this spring. Honestly, the Easter Bunny's got nothing on Dessert Internet. Last week, for instance, we were all informed that Krispy Kreme was doing us all the great service of bringing back the doughnut version of the Reese's Peanut Butter Egg, which all Reese's fans know is, by far, the best of their seasonal shapes (I swear on the teardrops on Taylor Swift's guitar that the peanut butter filling is more delicious and I will die on the hill of that conspiracy theory, don't @ me).

And then our dear friends at Ben & Jerry announced that not only were they introducing a new flavor in anticipation of the summer, but that it would remix an iconic fave. The new Gimme S'more flavor is an ~homage~, if you will, to the S'mores flavor that put Ben & Jerry's on the map (of my heart). And not a moment too soon, because as loyal fans are aware, Ben & Jerry's famous free cone day is on April 10 (make sure you get your request off with your boss in stat, before the two week mark, y'all).

Just in case that didn't already give you a delicious brain freeze just thinking about, Target also just started selling Market Pantry's new Unicorn Magic ice cream — an ice cream that has literal glitter bits in it. I don't think anything has been more on brand for me in the history of ever.


So never fear, everyone — although 2018 seems to be some Game of Thrones-level of winter never taking a hint and getting TF out, we at least have plenty of springtime and summer desserts on the horizon to keep the ache for the sun at bay.