Everything Fans Learned About The 'HTGAWM' Mystery On The Mid-Season Finale

Eric McCandless/ABC

On How To Get Away With Murder, the characters lose some, and then they lose some more. All season, the show has been teasing the bloody death of one of the show’s major characters at Connor and Oliver's wedding. As was expected, the mid-season finale revealed that Ronald Miller died on HTGAWM. If your initial response to that information is: who are you talking about, well, you’re... not wrong.

Miller, the Interim District Attorney, Bonnie’s boss/boyfriend, and man with very, very groomed facial hair, wasn’t as great a catch as Bonnie thought he was. On paper, he looked great, but doesn’t everyone on this show look like fine, upstanding citizens until they’re revealed to be serial killers or sociopaths? Sadly, Nate confronted Miller and beat him to death at Connor and Oliver’s wedding because he had found out that Miller was the one who helped order the hit on Nate’s dad. The call came from Governor Birkhead, of course, but Miller facilitated and set the whole thing up, thanks to a local payphone. You fool — don’t you know there are security cameras everywhere? Miller would have been better off buying a burner phone with cash, making that call from the middle of the woods, and then encouraging a deer to eat the burner phone, but I digress.

Nate never seemed like he had that sort of violence in him, but he was also incredibly hopeful about his father getting out of jail, and the rage that came from losing his dad, the subsequent coverup, and the systemic racial injustice that put his father in jail to being with was all too much. He beat the guy with his two fists right there in the snow.

Bonnie found Miller soon after, and she finished the job, taking Miller out of his suffering. The juxtaposition between Bonnie and Nate disposing of Miller’s body and Oliver singing John Legend's “All Of Me” to Connor was A+, by the way.

This is a tough blow for Bonnie, because she finally thought that she found someone to love her for who she was and who she loved, too — namely, Annalise. Miller revealed himself to be anti-Annalise, and Bonnie couldn’t take it. She couldn’t take Miller speaking down to her about Annalise, and so, she let Nate take care of Miller. She has chosen Annalise, the one person who she thinks has always been there for her, so many times and over so many people. How long will it take until she doesn’t? Will Bonnie ever give Annalise away so she can have a better life?

Who died at the wedding was the first mystery of the front half of How To Get Away With Murder, and viewers got only a few answers as to the second mystery — Gabriel Maddox. Gabriel showed up at the end of Season 4, and Frank was all, “he’s here.” Then, Frank did some very invasive snooping and came up with who Gabriel is, and perhaps what he wants — Gabriel is Sam’s son from his first marriage. You know, Sam, Annalise’s late husband, the one who cheated on her with college students?

Well, he cheated on his first wife, too, with Annalise (she called herself the “other woman”), and Gabriel is the progeny of Sam’s first union. I’m gonna guess he wants revenge on Annalise for stealing his dad or something. But for that (and many more answers on How To Get Away With Murder), we must wait until 2019. Miller, you never stood a chance. Not with this crowd.