6 Fun Ways To Celebrate National Sex Day On 6/9 (Besides The Obvious)

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In case you forgot to mark it on your calendar, June 9 is National Sex Day! Why June 9? Well, look at the date: 6/9... 69, get it? Oh, the creativity of the people who come up with these days. If there's Talk Like A Pirate Day and National Sit on My Face Day, then of course there has to be a National Sex Day, too. I mean, fair is fair.

Although the details behind the history a National Sex Day are a little sketchy, in that I couldn't find any, it might be safe to assume that some genius, simply upon realizing June 9 equals 69, thought — voila! — that's all it took. But no matter the history or how it came to be, National Sex Day is an extremely important day because sex is a major component of being alive. Even if you're not having sex regularly with someone else, there's a pretty good chance you're having it regularly with yourself and that totally counts, too.

The mental, physical, and emotional benefits that come with sex are endless — well, pretty close to endless. Sex helps with decreasing stress, strengthens the immune system, and I'm not even going to get into the wonders regular orgasms have on our entire body, including our complexion and hair.

Because sex is so awesome and definitely worthy of being celebrated, here at six ways to actively celebrate National Sex Day this year.


Buy A New Sex Toy

Although I refuse to believe anyone needs a reason to buy a new sex toy, let National Sex Day be that reason — that is, if you're one of those people. While what you choose to buy is totally up to you, I would highly recommend b-Vibe's Cinco Anal Beads.


Talk About Sex With Your Friends

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When you celebrate something, don't you usually talk about it? Yes! Hell, even when I'm only half-celebrating something I talk about it with my friends until we're all blue in the face. Since we're celebrating National Sex Day, it's important to take time to talk about it with our friends. Every time we do, we're crushing taboos that desperately need to be crushed.

"I think talking about sex with your friends can help normalize interests and behaviors and it can also spark your imagination," Sarah Watson, licensed professional counselor and sex therapist, tells Bustle. "Friends can encourage you to try new things and expand your horizons. In my experience, most people aren't educated on how to talk about sex so starting with your friends in a loving and safe environment can be very helpful!"



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Sex with yourself is a must on National Sex Day. And, considering National Sex Day is on a Saturday this year, you can make a whole day of it. Seriously; a whole damn day. Chances are you were going to cancel whatever plans you had anyway.


Educate Those Around You

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While I'm not suggesting you stroll into a pharmacy and ask the cashier if she knows where her clitoris is, educating others — like friends and family members — is another great way to celebrate National Sex Day. If you don't fancy yourself an expert on the female anatomy then at least educate those in your life about why it's so important to be sex positive or why they should never feel ashamed about masturbating or, if for someone reason someone you know isn't quite clear on where their clitoris, help them out with a diagram.


Do Something New — Maybe A Little Kinky

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Sure, you can try a new, adventurous sex position and that will be great fun, but what about going beyond that? What about indulging in some of those sexual fantasies you have— tying each other up, adding some whipped cream to the mix, or even giving pegging a whirl? Sexually speaking, there is so much out there to experiment with and explore, and even if something doesn't seem like it might be for you, dipping your toe into it and feeling a new thrill just might make you a convert to something you never thought you'd enjoy.


Celebrate You And Your Sexuality To The Fullest

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Take time this National Sex Day to celebrate you — every inch of you. When we have sex, we use so much of our body and mind, that we should take a moment to honor that; honor just how fantastically we we're put together and how even more fantastic it is that our bodies are capable of feeling such pleasure.

What you choose to do on National Sex Day is your call, but hopefully these seven ideas will you started. Just make sure you make a whole day of it; they don't call it National Sex Day for nothing.